Elemental Magic Of The Guarumo Tree

The 'Mama' Kunchuvito Muya, Indian Master, told me that the 'Guarumo' tree serves as much for doing good as well as for doing evil, and also for healing sick people.

It is clear that we, the White Magicians, utilize this tree for doing good. The children of darkness utilize it for doing evil.

The 'Mama' Kunchuvito Muya taught me how to cure sick people from far distances by means of the powerful elemental of the 'Guarumo' tree. He blessed the plant, then he commanded the elemental to cure a certain person. He placed a mug filled with water close to the plant and put a stick within the water. Then, during the certain space of time he was stirring the water with the stick, his mind was intensely concentrated on the sick person whom he wanted to cure from a far distance.

A circle must be traced on the ground around the plant in order to work with it.

A small vegetal Host wafer enclosed within a cannula exists inside the trunk of the Guarumo tree, as well as in all of its center. This vegetal Host wafer can be used as an amulet in order to defend oneself against occult and invisible enemies, also in order to aid oneself against the people who hate us. Carry this vegetal Host wafer inside a small green bag.

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