Diuretic Plants

Lemon (juice), Horsetail (the whole plant, Equisetum arvense L.), Pellitory-of-the-wall (Parietaria diffusa or P. officinalis), Licorice, grass, Avocado tree (its tender leaves), Medlar (seeds), Pine (cones), Canaigre (Rumex hymenosepalus Torr.), Elder (flowers and leaves), Sarsaparilla (roots, Smilax officinalis), Cane (root), 'Caracola' (Besleria spp, part that looks like little eggs) are diuretic plants.

Each one of these plants serves against dropsy, gout, lithiasis, illness of the kidneys, urinary irritation, cold of the bladder, retention of the urine, etc., etc.

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