Diabetes Unrestrained Urine Pain And Swelling Of The Breasts Of Mothers Who Are Breast Feeding

There exists a remedy which is apparently very repugnant in order to cure Diabetes, unrestrained urine and all the sicknesses already cited in this part of the book.

I want to emphatically refer to mouse manure. There is no doubt that such manure cures these illnesses. What is important is to consume one spoonflul of this manure and to mix it with the pressed juice of the plant called 'Plantain' (Plantago major L.).

Such mixture is consumed or drank in the morning on an empty stomach and when going to sleep. The results will be marvelous.

In order to radically eliminate the swelling of the breast of breast feeding mothers, it is enough to dissolve the powders of mouse manure within a little bit of natural water and to humidify the breasts with this marvelous water.

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