Devination Turough The Fire

If you want to foretell through magical methods something that will occur to you, something that you are awaiting for, some befalling event, then buy three green candles. If you do not find them with that color in the market, then paint them with green paint.

Place these three candles in three separated candle holders or candlesticks and form a triangle with them. Light each one of the three candles.

Once this is made and the candles are lit by means of some flammable object which must not have sulfur, you will call with all of your love the six Principal Chiefs of the Salamanders of Fire.

You will pronounce the names of these six Chiefs: "Vehniah, Achajad, Jesabel, Jeliel, Cathethel, Mehahel."

When the candles are lit, you must not take from them not even a little piece of their tinder or wick.

Once the magical invocation is made to the six Chiefs of the Salainanders, then you must carefully observe the actions of each flame. If the flames of the candles oscillate from left to right, then this announces some extraordinary event.

If the flames oscillate in the form of spirals, then you can be sure that many intrigues from your enemies exist. If the fire disappears, then some treason against you exists, or treason against the person or persons who have come to consult you.

If the resplendence of the fire increases and also happily crackles, then this is an announcement of a total triumph, of a formidable success.

Before performing this magical experiment, pray very slowly and meditate on "The Lord's Prayer." Ask permission to your Father, who is in secret, in order to perform this experiment.

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