Cataract Of The Eyes

The efficiency of this formula puts it apart from similar ones.

Take a young 'Hobo' plant (Spondias purpurea L.) in times of high tide. Cut a thick stalk, which must be peeled, scraped and its leaves taken off. Then, cut it into pieces of 20 centimeters, more or less. Blow the circular stalk with your mouth in order for the pressure of the air to push the sap out of it. Collect this sap in a jar, then, humidify a branch of chamomile with this liquid and apply drops in the eyes of the sick person. It is important to take into account that the drops must come down from the branch of chamomile.

The 'Hobo' is a leafy and tall tree from the 'terebintaceas' species. Its fruit is similar to the plum.

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

Astral Projection The Naked Truth

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