Cases Of Psychic Obsession

The Bible describes innumerable cases of possessed people. Sage and Rue plants were abundantly utilized in the Middle Ages in order to combat the evil entities which obsessed the possessed people. The smoke from these plants were utilized.

Sage is one of the most efficient plants in order to combat such cases in which the body of a person is possessed by an evil entity, which obsesses the person and even makes him demented. The elemental of the Sage uses a pale yellow colored tunic and has the marvelous power of healing the possessed ones.

This plant must be harvested during the night. First, it must be blessed, then, it must be yanked by surprise from its very roots. The plant must be crushed and the pressed juice is given to the possessed one to drink. Its leaves can also be pressed within the water and this water is then given to the possessed one to drink.

The plant must be burned so that the smoke may be utilized for the possessed one. The smoke from the plant must cover him. The evil entity must be conjured with an exorcism.

A gadget made with long pieces of glass and the exorcism from a secret book was employed in ancient times. However, the Conjuration of the Four is what can be used today.

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