It is necessary with a maximum hastened urgency to take a little bit of raw mineral lime and put this within water for the space of two hours.

When the lime is resting in the bottom and the water becomes clear, although a little bit dyed with white, then filter it through a piece of cloth, filter or strainer, so that only this dyed water will remain and not the lime.

This marvelous water must be mixed as best as possible with fresh pork lard. Elaborate this as best as possible, in order to make a magnificent pomade.

Afterwards, you will keep this inside of a cup and any time you need to use it, then you will skillfully extend a little bit of lard on a piece of gauze and you will apply it to the burn, tying it with a band. This healing application must be applied on the patient every three hours.

Thus, this is how the patient will be healed from the horrible burns. By no means should this type of healing be suspended, not until the patient is healed.

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