Sick people must smell their zodiacal perfume on a daily basis:












perfume of Myrrh perfume like Costusroot, aromatic herb perfume of Mastic perfume of Camphor perfume of Frankincense perfume of White Sandalwood perfume of Galbanum perfume of Coral perfume of Aloe perfume of Pine extract perfume of Spikenard perfume of Thyme

Nevertheless, this type of cruel and savage rite had to engender a horrible karma for Mexico.

Therefore, the arrival of the Conquistador Hernán Cortés to Mexico and the downfall of the Aztec civilization was the punishment that this people received because of such horrible and monstrous crimes.

Many secret formulae of alchemy existed in the temples of Mysteries.

The Great Masters from the temples in Jinn-state possess secret formulae in order to prepare perfumes. When their disciples inhale them, then they momentarily abandon their physical shape, or they are placed in the state of ecstasy.

These alchemical recipes never have been published, because humanity would use them for evil purposes.

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