This sickness is radically cured with the following formula:

Water 1 liter

Goat manure enough quantity

Borage (Borago officinalis) one little branch

Hard, burnt sugar cane (Panela) enough quantity

Put the hard sugar cane (Panela) to melt by fire within a proper container. The Borage and the goat manure are decocted in a separate container. The mixture of the whole remedy is bottled up into a bottle. Take a spoonftil of it every hour until the time that it is no longer necessary.

Even when the sickness of Asthma has disappeared in its characteristics and acute manifestations, this does not signify that the sickness has completely extinguished itself. This is because a membranous bag remains adhered to the bronchi, which is necessary to throw away in order to avoid ftiture attacks. This can be done by adding the plant which is known by the name of 'Sipaca' ('Papunga') to the already described treatment. This new combination with the ' Sipaca' plant will be performed only after the first treatment has produced its healing effects.

As in all cases which are described in this book, the harvesting of these plants will be performed after having blessed them and after having commanded the respective elemental to execute the healing.

It may cause repugnance and it may seem strange to the allergic, sick people that we use animal manure in some of our formulae. Nonetheless, the healing properties of animal manure (as in the case of the goat manure), without which the healing possibilities of many sicknesses that are called incurables could not be cured, excuses us its use in our various formulae. Pain and suffering do not have extreme social refinements, neither wrongly understood cleanliness. If the suffering which suppresses us incites us to expect death with gladness, why not do the sacrifice in order to live sanely through natural, secure and obvious ways?

Another very efficacious formula that can be used, in case of lacking the former one, is the following:

Antypirine 10 centigrams

Caffeine halfa gram

Acetate of Quinine halfa gram

Tincture of Aconite quarter of an ounce

Tincture of Nux Vomica quarter of an ounce

Tincture of Boldo half an ounce

Tincture of Rhubarb half an ounce

Sulfate of Magnesia 3 ounces

Sulfate of Soda 3 ounces

Water 350 grams

Take three small cupfuls daily, one before every meal.

Bear lard decocted along with Sweet Basil and Mint or Castile Mint is also advisable for the Asthmatic attacks. Dosage: A spoonful every hour.

In the acute period of this sickness, in order to shorten its attacks, an ampoule of Adrenaline of 2 c.c. must be administered.

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