Asthma is a horrible sickness which has killed many people.

This ominous sickness is cured with the pressed juice of the Cabbage plant.

Add two egg yolks from a hen, shells and all, then sweeten the remedy with honey (bee honey), at least half of a glass of honey.

It is necessary to boil all of these elements as best as possible and to take ofF the foam when it is rising to the top.

Then, add Saffron and even a spoonful of fine sugar. There is the need to cook and prepare this syrup very well until it acquires a good consistency.

I believe that a little bit of sodium benzoate must be added to the syrups, no matter which syrup, so that they do not ferment. However, the quantity of such a substance should be only the amount that can be taken with the tip of a knife. This is what signifies a little bit of sodium benzoate.

However, sodium benzoate will not be necessary if the syrup can be kept very well stored within the refrigerator. It is ostensible that the syrup will be very well preserved in this condition, without the necessity of adding sodium benzoate.

Therefore, sodium benzoate is not necessary. Everything depends upon the way in which we can preserve this syrup.

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