Antinervous And Calmative Plants

Red Poppy (flowers, Papaver rhoeas L.), Orange leaves, tincture of Valerian, Linden tree leaves are anti-nervous and calmative plants.

Any of these plants can be taken as an ordinary beverage in order to calm the nerves and to dispel headaches.

Each one of these plants is the physical body of an elemental creature of Nature. If you want to succeed in healing sicknesses by utilizing curative plants, then, there is the need to bless the plant and to command the vegetal elemental to cure the sick person. Again, I repeat, the plants are not the ones which cure; it is the vegetal elementals or the vital principles that are occult within each herb, root and tree which cure.

This science of Elemento-Therapy is solidly based upon the medical wisdom of the Master of the White Lodge, Paracelsus. Therefore, all of those students of Spiritism, Theosophy and the Rosicrucian Order who criticize Elemento-Therapy are totally ignorant of this profound branch, which the illustrious Master Paracelsus granted to us.

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