Another Remedy For Hernias

The egg yolk is marvelous.

The yolk needs to be beaten very well, then add to it powders of Watercress (Nasturtium officinale L.).

Obviously the plant called Watercress is excellent.

One needs to make with both the yolk and the Watercress plant in powder a poultice or cataplasm of a very good consistency.

Then, extend it with great patience over leather or a piece of very well cured and soft leather and apply it over the hernia.

Such a poultice must remain over the hernia until the poultice falls off.

It is convenient for the sick person to drink during this time the powder of Watercress mixed with a good wine.

The elemental of the Watercress plant must be commanded to heal the sick person, to close the hernia for him.

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  • cosimo
    Is egg yolk ok for hernia?
    7 years ago

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