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We, the Gnostics can enter with flesh and bones into the other world any time we want to do so. Therefore, whosoever wants to enter into the other world in order to know and visit it with the body of flesh and bones, very well dressed with hat and fashionable shoes, as when someone enters a garden party, then, I give the clue:

1. Lie down on the side of your heart, with your head rested over the palm of your left hand.

2. You must become sleepy.

3. Reject from your imagination every type of dreaming and mental images.

4. Concentrate only and exclusively in the process of the dream.

5. When you feel that you are 'asleep', then, perform the following movements:

Sit on your bed. However, when you make this movement of sitting, do it with a lot of careftilness, in such a way that you will not awake. In other words, preserve your dreaming state, because the power is within the dream.

Stand on the floor with your feet, with the same carefulness of not awakening, because the power is within the dream.

Perform a little jump with the intention of floating in the other world.

If you do not float, then lie down and repeat the experiment again.

There exist people who after having received this clue perform this experiment immediately. Yet, other people take weeks, months and even entire years in order to perform what others can do immediately after learning the clue. Everything depends upon the degree of evolution of every one. This is what is called in occultism "Jinn State."

The powerful, energetic forces of the subconscious are the ones which take the physical body out from the chemical-physical region and place it within the astral plane. This is how the physical body abandons the law of gravity and this chemical region, in order to penetrate within the astral plane, where the laws of levitation reign.

As the smoke of the chimney is mixed with the atmosphere without confusion, in the same way these two worlds, astral and physical, are mixed and they are interpenetrated without confusion. Therefore, everything that I say can be confirmed by all those people who have the kindness of listening to me and having faith.

Nevertheless, lam sure that the thousands of readers from this XX century will mock these clues, because the people from this century only want to cohabit and get money, more money and a lot of money. Therefore, this book is not for the barbarians of this XXth century. This book is for the luminous humanity of Aquarius.

Those who perform this secret in order to enter with their physical bodies into the astral plane will transport themselves to the most far away places of the earth in a few seconds, because time and space do not exist within the astral plane. There, everything is an eternal 'now', an eternal present.

The supra-sensible worlds are the celestial heavenly honie of the Spirit.

"Death is swallowed up in victory.

O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory...? (Corinthians: 1 5: 54-55).






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