Against The Bowels Flux Or Intestinal Hemorrhage

First of all, it becomes indispensable to drink on an empty stomach, for three days in a row, four ounces of the juice of the herb which is very well known by the name of Plantain (Plantago major L.). Each time that this remedy is consumed, without doubt and with very much faith, the following magic prayer must be prayed:


"Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton, Tetragrammaton, I. A. O. I. A. O. I. A. O.

"With the 'OM' I penetrate into the garden of the Mount of Olives, where the Lord instructed his disciples in secrecy.

"I find 'Isabel', who talks to me about the flux of her bowels. 'Isabel' 'Tetragrammaton' I ask unto Thee, I beg unto Thee healing for my bowels.

"I know that 'Isabel' wants the Pater three times and three times the Aye, Amen, Ra, Amen, Ra, Amen, Ra."

Indication: Once the recitation of the magic prayer is finished as well as the drinking of the decoction of Plantain, then, pray very slowly the "Pater Noster", which is "The Lord's Prayer", meditating within the meaning of each phrase, of each word.

Now, after "The Lord's Prayer", do the same with the "Ave Maria", which is "Hail, Mary", by profoundly praying it.

Have faith in 'Isabel' and you will be healed.

Love the Intimate Christ and your Divine Mother Marah, Isis, Cibeles.

Never perform any evil, love your worst enemies and return good for evil. This is how you will live a healthy life.

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