Against Sterility

Bury within a place where the whole day is heated by the sun a bottle which contains equal parts of firewater and rum with the following plants: 'Contragavilina' (Neurolaena lobata R. Br.), 'Capitana', 'Malambo' (C. Malambo Karst.), Dutchman's pipe (Aristolochia tomentosa Sims), 'Calaguala' (Polypodium glaucophylum Kze.), Nutmeg and Sulfur.

This preparation will be left under the ground during the space of fifteen days (no less).

At the end of the fifteenth day, take the bottle out. Thus, it will be ready in order to give to the woman, one spoonful each hour.

It is good to note that before starting this treatment, the woman has to take a purgative of magnesium with 'Escorzonera' ( Montanoa ovatifolia DC). For such a purgative you will proceed with the following formula:

Shred the 'Escorzonera', which is a vegetal similar to Yucca. Then, you have to add magnesium dissolved in water. Thus, the purgative will be ready.

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