Affected Kidneys

Prepare a decoction of Rosemary leaves, Artichokes (the flower head of the Artichoke) and Corn Silk or Corn hair. Consume three times a day or drink it as you would fresh water. It must be alternated with drinking fresh water.

Second formula: Horsetail (Equisetum arvense L.), Corn Silk and Rosemary, 10 grams of each plant. This must be consumed in alternation with another beverage with contains the juice of half of an Artichoke (the flower head). This must be put to boil. Then, add the juice of three lemons and consume it alternating with the former formula. The whole of this is good for the kidneys until healing the sickness. Consume daily as well the juice of tomato: those tomatoes which have the shape of the apple.

Third formula: Crush 4 ounces of purple garlic and put it to macerate within a half bottle of rum. Then, bury the bottle where the sun must warm it during seven consecutive days and then consume it by spoonfuls, the quantity of 10 drops before meals. If this is too much, then, only 10 drops daily. Avoid meat and consume very little salt.

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