Curious Case

On a certain occasion, a curious case occurred in Barranquilla (Colombia). A girl became gravely sick Official science could not cure her The girl was presenting the following symptoms vomiting, diarrhea; and she was becoming thin in general, accompanied by extreme weakness.

Official physicians were proceeding as is customary. They were administering penicillin, serum, etc., etc., without any results. Afterwards, while conversing in detail with the girl's mother, they became aware that the mother was breast feeding her girl in spite of being pregnant again.

The mother was pregnant with a baby of the masculine sex and logically, her breast milk was not suitable for a child of the opposite sex, because the constitution of the mother's milk is different in each case.

Therefore, a meeting of physicians took place and they arrived at the conclusion that the improper milk should be eliminated from the girl's sick organism. Thus, they proceeded as customary, with innumerable remedies and prescriptions that instead of curing the girl, were making her organism worse.

Then, somebody informed the physicians that an Indian was in the city who knew a great deal about medicine. So, the Indian was called by the physicians. He entered into the room of the sick girl while those doctors were still meeting around the bed of the sick girl. The Indian (native from the state of Bolivar, Colombia) saw the girl and said: "This girl has bee nourished with bad milk from a pregnant woman. However I am going to take the milk from her body at once. " Consequently, he sent a boy to his house to bring him a determined medicament.

The Indian gave the girl the remedy to drink, and after a few minutes, the girl felt the necessity of evacuating. When performing this physiological function, the girl excreted the faulty milk before the sight of the astonished physicians, who, with pencils in their hands, were asking the Indian for the medicament's formula. Yet, after showing them the faulty milk within a bottle, the Indian looked at them with the most profound despise and left that home without the astonished physicians learning about the mysterious formula. The girl became totally healed and the medical science remained totally mocked.

Later on, the Indian did not have any trouble in revealing the formula to me. This formula is as follows:

Obtain colostrum from the breast of a woman whose child is of the same sex of the sick child.

This must be mixed with the milk of the 'Perrillo' tree which is a very well known tree in Antioquia (Colombia).

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