The Secret Order Of The Epoptae

Very ancient Scriptures of Tibetan Tantrism speak about a universal secret Order from the Astral world, which can initiate any aspirant during the normal, common and current dream state, while out of the physical body. It is emphatically stated that the powerful channels of force, which emanate from the transcendental consciousness of the Adepts of the Order of the Epoptae, can be perceived in any part of the world. The aspirant meets the Adepts of such an Order during the sleep of his physical...

Magic Procedure In Order To Cure Epilepsy

This frightifil sickness is karmic and it is due to the fact that the patient was dedicated in his former lives to Spiritism or Spiritualism, as it is called here in Mexico. Obviously, the Epileptic person was a Medium of Spiritism. Therefore, it is not irrelevant to emphatically affirm that the Karma which the Mediums of Spiritism originate is that which is called Epilepsy. Obviously the Epileptic people are possessed by tenebrous entities from the inferior regions of the Astral plane.