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How To Gain Psychic And Magick Powers Exposed

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Hearken, and Remember! In the Name of ANU, Remember! In the Name of ENLIL, Remember! In the Name of ENKI, Remember! When on High the Heavens had not been named, The Earth had not been named, And Naught existed but the Seas of ABSU,

The Ancient One, And MUMMU TIAMAT, the Ancient One Who bore them all, Their Waters as One Water. At this time, before the ELDER GODS had been brought forth,

Uncalled by Name, Their destinies unknown and undetermined, Then it was that the Gods were formed within the Ancient Ones. LLMU and LLAAMU were brought forth and called by Name, And for Ages they grew in age and bearing. ANSHAR and KISHAR were brought forth,

And brought forth ANU Who begat NUDIMMUD, Our Master ENKI, Who has no rival among the Gods. Remember! The Elder Ones came together They disturbed TIAMAT, the Ancient One, as they surged back and forth. Yea, they troubled the belly of TIAMAT

By their Rebellion in the abode of Heaven. ABSU could not lessen their clamour TIAMAT was speechless at their ways. Their doings were loathsome unto the Ancient Ones.

ABSU rose up to slay the Elder Gods by stealth.

With magick charm and spell ABSU fought, But was slain by the sorcery of the Elder Gods. And it was their first victory. His body was lain in an empty Space In a crevice of the heavens Hid He was lain, But his blood cried out to the Abode of Heaven.

TIAMAT Enraged Filled with an Evil Motion Said

Let us make Monsters That they may go out and do battle Against these Sons of Iniquity The murderous offspring who have destroyed A God.

HUBUR arose, She who fashioneth all things, And possessor of Magick like unto Our Master. She added matchless weapons to the arsenals of the Ancient Ones, She bore Monster-Serpents Sharp of tooth, long of fang, She filled their bodies with venom for blood Roaring dragons she has clothed with Terror Has crowned them with Halos, making them as Gods, So that he who beholds them shall perish And, that, with their bodies reared up None might turn them back. She summoned the Viper, the Dragon, and the Winged Bull,

The Great Lion, the Mad-God, and the Scorpion-Man. Mighty rabid Demons, Feathered-Serpents, the Horse-Man, Bearing weapons that spare no Fearless in Battle, Charmed with the spells of ancient sorcery, . . . withal Eleven of this kind she brought forth With KINGU as Leader of the Minions.


ENKI Our Master Fearing defeat, summoned his Son MARDUK Summoned his Son The Son of Magick Told him the Secret Name The Secret Number The Secret Shape Whereby he might do battle With the Ancient Horde And be victorious.


Brightest Star among the Stars Strongest God among the Gods Son of Magick and the Sword Child of Wisdom and the Word

Knower of the Secret Name Knower of the Secret Number Knower of the Secret Shape He armed himself with the Disc of Power

In chariots of Fire he went forth With a shouting Voice he called the Spell With a Blazing Flame he filled his Body Dragons, Vipers, all fell down Lions, Horse-Men, all were slain.

The Mighty creatures of HUBUR were slain The Spells, the Charms, the Sorcery were broken. Naught but TIAMAT remained. The Great Serpent, the Enormous Worm The Snake with iron teeth The Snake with sharpened claw The Snake with Eyes of Death, She lunged at MARDUK With a roar With a curse She lunged. MARDUK struck with the Disc of Power

Blinded TIAMAT's Eyes of Death The Monster heaved and raised its back Struck forth in all directions Spitting ancient words of Power Screamed the ancient incantations MARDUK struck again and blew An Evil Wind into her body Which filled the raging, wicked Serpent

MARDUK shot between her jaws The Charmed arrow of ENKI's Magick MARDUK struck again and severed The head of TIAMAT from its body.

And all was silent.



Took the Tablets of Destiny

Unbidden Hung them around his neck. Acclaimed of the Elder Gods was he. First among the Elder Ones was he. He split the sundered TIAMAT in twain And fashioned the heavens and the earth, With a Gate to keep the Ancient Ones Without. With a Gate whose Key is hid forever

Save to the Sons of MARDUK Save to the Followers of Our Master ENKI

First in Magick among the Gods.

From the Blood of KINGU he fashioned Man. He constructed Watchtowers for the Elder Gods

Fixing their astral bodies as constellations That they may watch the Gate of ABSU The Gate of TIAMAT they watch The Gate of KINGU they oversee The Gate whose Guardian is IAK SAKKAK they bind. All the Elder Powers resist The Force of Ancient Artistry The Magick Spell of the Oldest Ones The Incantation of the Primal Power The Mountain KUR, the Serpent God The Mountain MASHU, that of Magick The Dead KUTULU, Dead but Dreaming TIAMAT, Dead but Dreaming ABSU, KINGU, Dead but Dreaming And shall their generation come again?


From a Time before Time From a Land beyond the Stars From the Age when ANU walked the earth In company of Bright Angels. We have survived the first War Between the Powers of the Gods And have seen the wrath of the Ancient Ones Dark Angels Vent upon the Earth WE ARE FROM A RACE BEYOND THE WANDERERS OF NIGHT. We have survived the Age when ABSU ruled the Earth And the Power destroyed out generations. We have survived on tops of mountains And beneath the feet of mountains And have spoken with the Scorpions In allegiance and were betrayed.

And TIAMAT has promised us nevermore to attack With water and with wind. But the Gods are forgetful. Beneath the Seas of NAR MATTARU Beneath the Seas of the Earth, NAR MATTARU Beneath the World lays sleeping The God of Anger, Dead but Dreaming The God of CUTHALU, Dead but Dreaming! The Lord of KUR, calm but thunderous! The One-Eyes Sword, cold but burning!

He who awakens Him calls the ancient Vengeance of the Elder Ones The Seven Glorious Gods of the Seven Glorious Cities Upon himself and upon the World And old vengeance . . .

Know that our years are the years of War And our days are measured as battles And every hour is a Life Lost to the Outside Those from Without Have builded up charnel houses To nourish the fiends of TIAMAT And the Blood of the weakest here Is libation unto TIAMAT

Queen of the Ghouls Wreaker of Pain And to invoke her The Red Water of Life Need be split on a stone The stone struck with a sword That hath slain eleven men

Sacrifices to HUBUR So that the Strike ringeth out And call TIAMAT from Her slumber From her sleep in the Caverns Of the Earth.

And none may dare entreat further For to invoke Death is to utter The final prayer.

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