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Seven Minute Mindfulness

Seven Minute Mindfulness is an audio targeted at using the most natural way to maintain a good focus and the mindfulness people need for their daily activities. It combines the various religious methods to reach a balance in ensuring the users reach the highest point of mindfulness they can ever attain. To help them reach this height, the program had been prepared to take only seven minutes of your time. Pending the time of its usage, the users will not have to spend a lot of time dealing with it. The Seven Minute Mindfulness was designed to be used on any device. Getting started is simple and will take just a few minutes after ordering. It comes with various bonuses like The Seven Minute Mindfulness Guidebook (A digital manual that comes along with the audio version); Your Little Book Of Mindfulness Exercises (A digital guide to some exercises that can be practised in the house)The product is in a digital format of Audio messages and has been created at a very affordable price. In case it does not meet their demands or desires, the users have the right to ask for a refund of their money within three months. The implication is that they are given the chance to try it at home and if they suddenly become sceptical or grow cold feet, they will get a 100% refund. Read more here...

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Highly Recommended

Of all books related to the topic, I love reading this e-book because of its well-planned flow of content. Even a beginner like me can easily gain huge amount of knowledge in a short period.

All the modules inside this ebook are very detailed and explanatory, there is nothing as comprehensive as this guide.

The Mindful Reset

The mindful reset enables you to determine environmental causes although reaping benefits for you towards the fullest extent. It's guaranteed that your life high quality could be enhanced within a couple days of this program purchase. This course is very good for helping to deal with anxiety and many people find that it reduces its impact. If you have regular panic attacks, it is also very good for you .this program is scientifically tested and gives you quality amount of strategies to help you get a moment out of your stressful schedule. This program is easy to use and comprehend, it saves your income, and it has specialized features. The mindful reset also offers 24/7 support in the event of any difficulty or complaint. Although mindfulness was originally practiced by Buddhists, it is more of a life practice. This course is completely secular and does not require you to believe anything specific nor will it ask you not to believe anything that you already believe. Almost everyone can benefit from this course. If you feel stressed or not stressed, if you feel low or happy. We can all benefit from learning to be more present and to find new ways of being in this world that are more helpful to ourselves and others.

The Mindful Reset Summary

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The Four Noble Truths

And what, monks, is the Middle Path, of which the Tathagata has gained enlightenment, which produces insight and knowledge, and tends to calm, to higher knowledge, enlightenment, Nirvana This is the Eightfold Way namely, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. This, monks, is the Middle Path, of which Tathagata has gained enlightenment, which produces insight and knowledge, and tends to calm, to higher knowledge, enlightenment, Nirvana. Now this, monks, is the noble truth of the way that leads to the cessation of pain this is the noble Eightfold Way namely, right views, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration.

Categories Of Channeling

Mental channeling is that which deals with impressions received on some level of conscious awareness. Included in the mental category are clairvoyance (clear seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsen-tience (sensing) and telepathy (thought transference). The abilities to function in precognitive (knowing before the event), retrocognitive (after the event) and present time frames. A further division of channeling should be noted. That is, the difference between trance and conscious channeling (the trance condition can be further divided into deep, medium and light states). Generally speaking, the term trance indicates the lack of conscious activity on the part of the psychic, or Channel. In a deep trance, the Channel is not consciously aware of what is occurring during the process and will not retain any memory of the event. In a medium or semi-trance state, the Channel usually has some conscious awareness of what occurs and retains some memory. In this case, the conscious mind acts...

Dream Interpretation And Symbology

As an element of the Universal Consciousness, your super-conscious awareness is totally versed in Universal Symbolism. Since the super-conscious mind tends to speak in its own language, your dreams can be expected to contain some of this language of Universal Symbols. But even though it has its own language, the super-conscious mind is aware that you will respond best to those symbols with which your conscious mind is most familiar. Therefore it will use terms and symbols from your everyday life. Oftimes it will use the symbolism from recent events that arelfresh in your memory. These impressions from your personal physical life are called Personal Symbolism.

DREAMS versus Outofbody Experiences

The memory of out-of-body experiences (OOBEs) has the same elusive quality .as the dream. Consequently it is often difficult to separate the two. One marked difference is the sensation of awareness. In a dream, the visual awareness of the self is in one direction only. As with physical sight, you see only what is in front of you. In the OOBE, however, your awareness is all-encompassing. You see not only what is in front but also what is behind, above, below and on the sides all at the same time. Do not attempt to interpret an OOBE as you would a dream.

Women Earth and Creator Spirit pg Iron in our Blood

Living in the present moment, furthermore, involves us in a continuous exchange of material with the earth and other living creatures. Every time we breathe we take in millions of atoms breathed by the rest of humanity within the last two weeks. In our bodies seven percent of the protein molecules break down each day and have to be rebuilt out of matter from the earth (food) and energy from the sun. Seven percent per day is the statistical measure of our inter dependence. In view of the consistent recycling of the human body, the epidermis of our skin can be likened ecologically to a pond surface, not so much a shell or wall as a place of exchange. In a very real sense the world is our body.

Ending Your Meditation Period

For your physical well-being it is important that you end each meditation period with a re-awakening of the physical and conscious selves. This should be done in the reverse order to the method for relaxation. As your consciousness begins to pull away from the third eye, direct it to expand up the forehead to the top of the head. Then, step by step, proceed down through the body cranial area, eyes, back of the

An Elemental Cleansing Meditation

Use this or a similar method once a week or so, or more often if needed. Alternately, do a chakra balancing meditation. You may also want to use one of the two before doing a ritual or other magical work, to help shift your consciousness to the proper frame of mind for spiritual pursuits.

The Intuitive Process

The word psychic means that which pertains to the spirit or higher consciousness. The word occult means that which is hidden from the uninitiated. In fact, there is nothing hidden or mysterious about your beyond-the-physical abilities. They are a part of every single one of us. Just as we each have arms and legs, fingers and toes, so do we each have beyond-the-physical abilities. These abilities are very much in evidence in some people but lie dormant awaiting recognition and utilization in others. And just as physical abilities differ in individuals, so do these psychic abilities. By testing your physical strength in different tasks, you find what you are capable of and what you are not. So it is with your psychic strength. You need to test it, to exercise and attempt, in order to find out your true capabilities.

Pathway Key The Tower

The raw power of cosmic energy striking down unshielded. The card represents the God of light and reason, the overpowering light of truth in which all falsehood and ultimately all duality is destroyed. A flash of inner illumination which brings freedom of enlightenment. Human consciousness in direct contact with the primary forces of the hidden centre, the goal of the mystic quest of the Tarot. This devastating impact frees the mind from its fetters and opens the way to the centre but if the conscious mind is not prepared, not strongly built on firm foundations, it may

In the Beginning A Sense of Wonder

The law of the conservation of energy applies notably well to that energy which has been expended in pondering on the nature of the universe especially on the nature of those rules by which it is governed. Not a speculation, from even before Man was truly Man, but has not affected the present structure of Man's philosophy not an idle reflection but has not been powerful enough to leave some trace on the intellectual - nay, even on the neuronic and synaptic - pattern of the modern mind. Great efforts have been made to efface the residual memories of ancient beliefs - the later chapters of this book will describe the most organised, longest-lasting and most successful effort. But, as Lamb pointed out, our beliefs are too deeply imbedded in every human consciousness to be eradicated. They were not put there in our earliest childhood they were implanted there in the earliest childhood of our human race.

Englands Old Religions

It is hardly surprising then, that after his conversion to Roman Catholicism in 1922, G. K. Chesterton (1874-1936) felt it necessary to write on the question of Catholicism as a new or old religion in the 'Introductory A New Religion' of his 1926 work The Catholic Church and Conversion. Chesterton begins with the observation that ' t he Catholic faith used to be called the Old Religion but at the present moment it has a recognized place among the

The Conjuration of Vassago

Key Solomon Wand And Witches

He may initiate the vision by revealing himself to you in human or therioform guise, or he may simply begin to show you the answer to your queries in uncomplicated symbolistic tableaux, rather like the diminutive images seen through the wrong end of a telescope or pair of binoculars. But one thing here is of paramount importance to beginner witches. Do not shift your attention from the speculum try not to let your excitement at what is happening disrupt the delicate link between your everyday consciousness and deep mind. This is a very difficult instruction for the beginner, but it can effectively ruin the divination if not complied with.

Father God or Mother

The heads of beasts worn as helmets by the heroes portrayed in Greek and other ancient painting and sculpture, the zoo-morphic helmets of Roman and Goth and Viking the animal skins worn, not so much as articles of clothing as marks of superior martial rank - all these shew the tenacious hold that totemism retained upon human consciousness, even as religion, throughout the world, was becoming more and more spiritualised, more and more sophisticated.


You may have a difficult time keeping the conscious mind still at first. Your consciousness is like a spoiled child, constantly demanding attention. Once it begins to become disciplined you will begin to notice positive results.You may not have dramatic, earth-shaking experiences, but you will begin to notice a deepening of intuition. You will begin to know things that you have not known before. This is proof that your meditation is working and the power of the Kundalini is waking.


Malkuth Pantacle

The planet appointed to this pathway is Saturn. Saturn's placement at birth influences the person's work in life, their obstacles, the challenges that will test them and build character. Saturn shows how a person will mature, and how they will learn to cope with adversity. Saturn teaches transformation, and initiation. Saturn's rewards are the sweetest, for they are the hardest won. Afflictions to Saturn can create inhibition, timidity, cruelty, violence, melancholy, a knack for trouble, bad work situations, abuse of power, or resentment. Saturn, and the earth signs it rules, are the arbiters of the highest initiation. Christ, Buddha, and the Virgin Mary are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo, respectively, in our mythic systems. Initiation is earned, and only when the aspirant can use higher consciousness in the Real World is the initiation authentic. Saturn is associated with the Ring Pass Not - a term normally used when referring to the orb of energetic influence of a planet or body, and...

Meanings Of Stones

AMBER -(yellow, orange, brown) Helps clear the mind, gives mental clarity, inner peace. AVENTURINE -(green) Draws money and prosperity. CHRYSACOLLA -(blue, green) Promotes balance and inner peace. JADE -(comes in many colors, but most commonly green) Serenity, inner peace and balance, good fortune. Promotes the perfection of self, and connection to Spirit.


Chanting In ritual, the repetition of sacred or magical words, names and phrases to alter consciousness and raise psychic power. Chanting, done in conjunction with dancing, drumming, visualization and body movements and postures, is one of the oldest and most universal techniques to align human consciousness with the realms of spirits and the gods.


There are many different ways by which magic can be performed. All of them have the same basic goal to focus energy and direct it from a state of higher consciousness. Visualization, trance, spellcraft (using external tools such as candles, cords, etc ), ritual of various sorts, chanting and toning, all of these and many other techniques can be used to create the necessary shift in consciousness. Which is the best way That depends very much on the individual. What serves one person best may not work at all for another - everyone is different. That is why it is important to study and try as many different techniques as possible, because only you can know what will work best for you, and then only by experience. In these lessons we will present as much useful instruction as possible, and as wide a variety of techniques as possible, but in the end your growth depends upon your willingness to experiment and put together those techniques which serve you best.


The invocation is usually in the form of a poetic verse or song that formally draws down the essence of the deity into the practitioner and sacred space. In most ritual settings, the practitioner faces the altar with arms raised as he or she speaks the invoking words. The idea is to merge human consciousness with that of the deity. When the connection is complete, the essence of the deity flows directly through the practitioner, permeates the area of ritual worship, and is used to enhance the ritual or magical rites being performed.

Writing a Ritual

In a similar vein, the use of costumes, drums and chanting can produce the proper trance-like state for ritual. The idea is engage the senses in a way that allows your logical, rational mind to sit and take a backseat and allow Younger Self to come out and play. Ritual is the perfect time to explore the boundaries of regular, mundane life. Even when ritual isn't centered on the use of magic, every ritual should be a magical experience in the sense that every ritual should draw the Divine out of the ethereal and into the present moment. Thus, stimulating all the senses in a way that we might not get to in regular life is a wonderful, easy, and entertaining way to encourage a ritual mindset.

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