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Highly Recommended

Recently several visitors of websites have asked me about this ebook, which is being promoted quite widely across the Internet. So I bought a copy myself to figure out what all the publicity was about.

Overall my first impression of this ebook is good. I think it was sincerely written and looks to be very helpful.

An Elemental Cleansing Meditation

Use this or a similar method once a week or so, or more often if needed. Alternately, do a chakra balancing meditation. You may also want to use one of the two before doing a ritual or other magical work, to help shift your consciousness to the proper frame of mind for spiritual pursuits.

Ending Your Meditation Period

For your physical well-being it is important that you end each meditation period with a re-awakening of the physical and conscious selves. This should be done in the reverse order to the method for relaxation. As your consciousness begins to pull away from the third eye, direct it to expand up the forehead to the top of the head. Then, step by step, proceed down through the body cranial area, eyes, back of the Group meditation can bring enormous satisfaction. The interaction of each person's vibrations work in a complementary manner resulting in tremendous psychic achievement. When meditating alone you may, once in a while, experience an 'off day. This is never the case with group meditation. In _ fact, for this reason, many people will only meditate with a group. In group meditation .the group should seat themselves in a circle and should go through their breathing and light exercises in their own time. At the completion, by everyone, of the chakra color-reinforcement, the white...


When the Gnostic Doctor submerges himself into meditation, he does it because he looks for information. Meditation covers three facets 2. MEDITATION Meditation awakens the internal powers and converts the student into a Magician. Concentration signifies to fix the mind only on one subject matter. Meditation signifies to internally reflect upon the same subject matter. Adoration signifies to converse with the same subject matter or object of our concentration, to live in it, in the subject matter upon which we have fixed the mind. The mind must be placed apart from the world, then after, it has to penetrate into the Buddhic consciousness in order to meditate. The mind must be fixed upon the consciousness in order to be illuminated. When the Gnostic medic meditates, focusing on a tree, he is searching for information from the Elemental of that tree. He wants to know what this tree serves for, what properties it possesses, etc. The Gnostic Medic receives information during the...

Meditation Netzach

Continuing with the work we began in Hod I would now like to ask you all to try and find ways of turning your weaknesses into strengths. Netzach is the sphere of love and acceptance and this demands that having found our weaknesses in Hod we now take responsibility for them. So often it is easy to sit back and tell ourselves that its not our fault we are the way we are. It is easier by far to say I am selfish because I was deprived as a child, or I am controlling because I had my control taken from me. Netzach asks us to take responsibility for maintaining our weaknesses. No longer can we look for others to blame, it is not the cause of the issue that can be dealt with. Having found our weakness and the reason for that weakness now we must take the wheel and take control of ourselves.I will ask you now to go back into your meditation for Hod to the place you found your problems and shine a bright light around in there. Find the strength to take responsibility for all that you are....

Dragon Meditation

To align yourself better with the Great Dragon, which is to say with the flow of Divine Energy, use this meditation often. When you have facility with this meditation, you will want to introduce this variation instead of just riding the Dragon, become the Dragon. As the Dragon carries you through the air, feel yourself merge into it. be One with the Dragon. Feel its body as your body. Imagine the feel of the wings as they beat, of the tail -emmerse yourself in the Dragons form, and BE it. When you have flown long enough, separate yourself from the Dragon again, and complete the meditation as Now, think about what you want to manifest. Concentrate on it and imagine clearly what it might be like to have it. Meditate on this for awhile, keeping it clear in your mind.

Malkuth Meditations

In magical working meditation is one of the most important tools for growth. Through meditation we learn to quiet the mind and tune into the energies we need to work with in magic. When entering into a magical life the subtal changes that need to take place within are often hard to see. The changes take place gradually and often we don't realize they are happening until later. It is important that we write down the results of our meditations if we are to get as much as possible from them. Through this record we can chart our growth especially in repeated meditations. It is wise to repeat our meditations frequently so that we can discover more from them. There are different forms of meditation but here I am going to be taking you on a guided contemplation meditation using pictures to focus the mind upon. Using visualization I will ask you each to walk around the images I give you, view them from all angles, touch the image, smell it, taste it. Alow each train of thought to take you...

How Meditation Works

To understand how meditation works we must examine human make-up on a conscious level and must also realize that we are spiritual as well as physical beings. The physical and spiritual bodies are connected at the vital centers, known by their Sanskrit name Chakra (see Figure 7.1). In meditation the mysterious psychic energy can be sent up through these centers. This very potent force is called the Kundalini, or Serpent Power . As this mighty force begins to flow within you, these vital psychic centers the chakras begin to open in successive order. Meditation allows you to learn to control the restless, materially oriented conscious mind and re-program the subordinate subconsciousness, in order that you may function from your spiritually oriented higher consciousness. It opens up the channel to your Higher Self.

Goddess Meditation

Find a quiet, safe place for meditation where you will not be disturbed and can fall asleep without coming to any harm, if you naturally drift from a meditative to a sleep state. Choose a time when you are not too tired and before you begin, have a bath to which a few drops of sandalwood or ylang ylang oil are added for heightened psychic awareness. For the meditation, use a focus, for example a bubbling fountain or water feature, fragrant herbs or flowers, such as lavender or roses, or a scented candle of jasmine, apple blossom, lilac or neroli. (You can easily make a water feature by setting up a very small electric pump in a deep container in which you place crystals, greenery, perhaps a tiny statue and some plants.) You can work either alone or as a group, sitting in a circle round the focus, so that you can see it without moving your neck or head. Experiment until you get the height of the table and the distances right. For group work, you can light a circle of candles. * Within...

The Licence to Depart

Keep a careful record of the visions obtained in this manner. Often the less obvious ones will either reveal much, hitherto unsuspected, when used as a basis for meditation, or as is sometimes the case, assume a new relevance with the advent of new information, previously unknown, on the subject inquired about.

To strengthen the aura

As this energy leaves your body at the crown chakra, see it rise from your head and then cascade down your body in all directions, as if you were a standing fountain. At your base, see the energy re-enter the body at the feet. As you continue this meditation, your partner can open the temple as normal, or you can once you have completed the meditation.

Study of the Scriptures

The translations are helpful in selecting a passage for study, and to confirm that the correct word is being traced through the dictionary. After this preparatory work with the dictionary and Dhatu-Patha, the passage is considered in relation to the section of scripture in which it occurs, in relation to the scripture as a whole, in relation to the entire Veda the mind is thus turned towards the spiritual world, and slowly trained to view all of life in terms of that spiritual world. It does take practice before realising that the scriptural texts can only be understood through contemplation and meditation.

Candles Colours and the Zodiac

For most spells, however, you should have one or two altar candles in white, cream or natural beeswax. A single central candle can be good for times of quiet meditation, but for more focused rituals you may prefer to light one candle to represent the Goddess on the right and another for the god polarity, on the left of the altar. Both for ritual magick and for your informal candle spells and meditations, you will need a supply of candles in a variety of colours. I will list here astrological significances, the magical colour meanings and the elemental correspondences, so that even if you are new to magick you can begin work at once. If you are an experienced practitioner, some of the ideas may suggest new directions for your personal and coven work.

The Crown Chakra Understanding

The Crown is actually located a few inches above the top of the head, within the etheric (or energy) body rather than the physical body. It is the doorway through which cosmic consciousness and Divine connection can occur. The Crown is the center of our spiritual growth, and of enlightenment.

From Young Goodman Brown

The next morning young Goodman Brown came slowly into the street of Salem village, staring around him like a bewildered man. The good old minister was taking a walk along the graveyard to get an appetite for breakfast and meditate his sermon, and bestowed a blessing, as he passed, on Goodman Brown. He shrank from the venerable saint as if to avoid anathema. Old Deacon Gookin was at domestic worship, and the holy words of his prayer were heard through the open window. What God doth the wizard pray to

Spell Of The Month

CHAMOMILE -Promotes meditation, tranquillity, inner peace. CINNAMON AND SANDALWOOD -Aids meditation, spiritual opening. FRANGIPANI -Attracts love, trust, and admiration. Promotes openness in those around one. FRANKINCENSE -Blessing and spiritual opening. Aids meditation. GALANGAL -Success in court or legal disputes. MACE -Promotes self-discipline, focus, concentration. Good for meditation, study. MAGNOLIA -Promotes psychic development. Aids meditation and spiritual opening. Promotes harmony, peace, tranquillity. MUSTARD SEED -Courage, faith, endurance. MYRRH -Spiritual opening, meditation, healing.

Bonus spells Magic tips day dedication ritual

Once you have had your bath dress in white or purple (do not dress in black ) and by the light of the white candle meditate on today's affirmation. Think about the words and how you may relate to them. Burn the lavender oil in the oil burner. Let the room fill with the soothing fragrant of lavender and have a nap. Burn lots of lavender oil and musk incense and just relax and try to be stress free. In the late afternoon you may like to go for a walk along the beach or through the park.

Pathway Key The High Priestess

Situated on the pathway between Kether and Tiphareth this card represents balance. It is the gateway that stands between the pillars of force and form. The joining of the crown with beauty that carries the soul on its journey towards actuality. The harmonising of opposing forces in indicated here. This card symbolises counterpoise, relativity and the dualism of pairs of opposites. It is the interaction between two poles, which are represented by the two pillars. It is man's experience of individual existence, as a separate ego divorced from the world around him. It is the number of time, as opposed to timelessness, creation as opposed to the creator and the reflected light of the moon as opposed to the direct light of the sun. The pathway of combination and procreation that absorbs and unities the opposing energies of the pillars either side of it. Once again consider the questions raised in the Fool when meditating upon this pathway to gain full understanding of both it and the card.

Daath The Mind the Abyss Knowledge Is It A Sphere or A Pathway

Kabbala Correspondences

When a soul journeys back up the tree if we take for example the life of a man. In Malkuth he is a baby just venturing out, Yesod an adolescent, Hod and Netzach are where most of us spend our 20's and 30's, Tiphareth is 40's to 50's and Geburah and Chesed are our latter years. Daath to the life of a man is death. This is also why we do not know spirit form. Once we step out of life into Daath everything is stripped away, a much more drastic oculance this time for much more of a structure has been given. In the form of spiritual enlightenment, to step into Daath came be mistaken for attainment for it is total knowledge (the reason for my virtue) and a reflection of Kether this was why I chose attainment as the illusion. In the case of a person who has mental trauma Daath is the nervous brake down, but it is also a brake through. Daath has it's most dramatic effects in the case of the psyche. When a person has reached the end of the line there is no other place to go but into the abyss....

Three Simple Spells for the Jilted Witch

Whenever you find yourself facing the altar, strike it hard with the switch held in your left hand. Make three complete revolutions of the circle. When you finally reach the east after your last circuit, drop to the floor, completely letting go and chanting the words So mote it be

God Of The Month The Hero

So too the rich symbolism of animals, plants, and abstract motifs can be used to convey important spiritual ideas in the decoration of simple objects. A Chalice decorated with lotuses speaks of the growth of spiritual enlightenment -for the lotus is rooted in the mud and grows up through water to bloom in the open air, even as our consciousness is rooted in physical perception, grows up through emotional and mental understanding, to bloom in spiritual enlightenment. An Athame decorated with the head of a stag refers to the magical qualities of the Old God, while oak leaves refer to the strength and vitality of the Young God.

Magazine About The Decline Of Witchcraft

Histonans of witchcraft have traditionally given much more thought to the question why the tnals began than why they came to an end. Until the middle of the twentieth century those who bothered to address the latter question at all attributed the decline m one way or another to the emergence of modern rationalism, the nse of science, or an even vaguer dispelling of ignorance and 'superstition'jXecky, 1910 1-138). This interpretation arose dunng the Enlightenment, and it became the backhone of late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century liberal and Whig historiography. Histonans writing m this tradition focused mainly on the content of published witchcraft treatises and the theological and philosophical controversies to which those treatises contributed. They assumed that the decline of witchcraft prosecutions had been caused by a decline in the witch-beliefs of the educated classes and therefore made little distinction between the two developments. The end of the trials thus became...

Pathway Key The Empress

Fertility that comes from combining the masculine force and the feminine form. A joining of wisdom and understanding to create knowledge. This card represents synthesis and harmony, the resolving of tension created by duality through the birth of a third unifying principle. It is the pathway of birth, new life, fecundation and material productivity. It is the creation of phenomena in time, and a source of life itself. It is the abundant creative force of nature and an abundance of melding form. A passive approach as opposed to the active intellectual control expressed by the Magician. When meditating upon this pathway ask yourself how this first bridge between the two pillars differs from the Let us continue in our studies of the Major Arcana in relation to the pathways of the Tree of Life. Having already covered the first four pathways we may now look at the next group of pathways. Once again I would encourage you all to look deeply at this area...

The Skyclad or Naked Initiation

Evolve your coven emblems first, and the rest will follow naturally. The central idea to adhere to is one of the purification and regeneration of the candidate, symbolized by the impositions and removal of the blindfold and ligature, leading to his enlightenment and acceptance by the leaders by and for the entire coven.

Necromancy of Intelligence

This is, strictly speaking, a work of darkness, albeit intelligence, and as such should be timed to fall upon a night of the new moon or very shortly after. It requires thirteen days' preparation, however (which characteristic it shares with the necromancy of love), that preparation being a short nightly meditation around midnight on a photograph or portrait of the deceased whose shade you hope to summon. On the night of the fourteenth day, the new moon, cast and purify your circle just before midnight with a Mercurial incense, after making sure the room is secure from any intrusion. The paraphernalia you will need for the operation include your Athame, cord, cup, and thurible, naturally, for erecting the circle your wand, altar table with triangle cloth, lamps, and an equilateral triangle of white tape (large enough to stand in) on the floor outside the circle to the west. In this is placed a skull. Now this may be an actual skull if you have recourse to one, a replica of one made by...

Evil witch replaced by pitiful hag

An episode that occurred in 1720 in Littleton, Massachusetts, was eerily similar to the event that started the Salem witch trials. It began when eleven-year-old Elizabeth Blanchard had visions, went into trances, and acted as if she were possessed.' She tore at her clothing, disfigured herself, and bit other people. She also reported sensations of being strangled and pricked by invisible hands. Soon Elizabeth's two sisters were exhibiting the same bizarre behavior, and all three girls accused a local woman of putting a spell on them. Littleton townspeople gathered for a meeting and were immediately split on the issue. Their reactions showed the struggle between traditional Puritan and Enlightenment values in New England harm was done to witches than was being done by them. The Enlightenment encouraged a sense that ordinary people could outwit these outcasts. The new rational man was therefore more powerful than the old hocus-pocus herbalist. Consequently, witches ceased to provoke...

Examples of Self Dedication Rituals

I'm going to give you a very quick idea of the astral temple in this section and then just give you some pictures to play with. I'm not going to create a journey work for you in this one since I want you to create your own workings here. That is all I'm going to ask of you regarding meditation on this sphere. The assignment for this sphere will be a little different from the past ones. I will only ask you to post the meditation part of this assingment here but the rest I want you to Pm to me directly, as this is going to be quite personal. As an extension of the pictorial image meditation I want you to look within yourself, I mean really delve deep here. Look at the vice, virtue, illusion and obligation of this sphere. The vice is falsehood and dishonesty, sometimes the hardest person to be honest with is ourselves, and I ask you to question yourself about the ways in which you lie to yourself. Attempt to get as close to the honesty and truthfulness that is demanded from this sphere....

The Tools Of Witchcraft

There is an ancient belief that there is power in words this belief is based on the concept that words are symbols of your ideas and thus have a magical quality. We use words to place what is happening in our minds with another person's mind. Some of the older religions still believe that the symbolism of letters is powerful, too. During World War II the Jews in Syria had every reason to believe they were about to be invaded by the Germans. They called up their Cabalists (a body of religious scholars) who spent an evening in meditation.

What Will You Get From These Lessons

To be a Wiccan is to use every tool available to grow, to learn, to become the best that you can be. To use magic, meditation, and ritual to overcome all limitations, all fears, all imperfections, and to move always in harmony with Deity, always to the good, always in accordance with your highest self.

Days of Power The See Sabbat

Meditation Reflection, contemplation-turning inward toward the self, or outward toward Deity or nature. A quiet time in which the practitioner may either dwell upon particular thoughts or symbols or allow them to come unbidden. Psychic Mind The subconscious, or unconscious mind, in which we receive psychic impres-sions. The psychic mind is at work when we sleep, dream, and meditate. It is our direct link with the Divine, and with the larger, nonphysical world around us. Other related terms Divination is a ritual process which utilizes the Conscious Mind to contact the psychic mind. Intuition is a term used to describe psychic information that unexpectedly reaches the conscious mind.

The Myth Of Pagan Witchcraft

As the earlier contributions to this series have made clear, by the end of the eighteenth century educated opinion in Europe had virtually ceased to believe in the reality of acts of witchcraft. Such a change made the early modern trials and executions appear to have been a senseless series of atrocities, born of superstition and obscurantism, and that is how they were portrayed by the writers of the Enlightenment. As such, they represented a superb weapon with which to castigate the old order in Church and state. This liberal,- rationalist, discourse became the dominant one in European and American academe until the 1960s the ending of the trials for witchcraft was repeatedly cited as one of the supreme triumphs of reason and science over the ancient evils of humanity.

Folk Magick And Ritual Magick

Modern Magick

When I began practising magick ten years ago, I found it very artificial to invoke a goddess who belonged to another time and culture. However, I have since found that such symbols do hold a great deal of power and therefore can concentrate specific energies. I have listed in Chapter 4 a number of deities that seem to be especially potent in ritual or as a focus for meditation. But if you do not find them helpful, there is no need to use them.

Judgment The Aeon Key Pathway

This is the twenty first card in the deck given the key of twenty. The sixties ushered forth a revolution which influenced that which followed it tremendously. Like a butterfly effect its ripples continued on long after it's time was up. The apocalypse of Vietnam heralded a new world order of enlightenment. Not so the cataclysmic end of days but rather a time of revelation. From here on in man's knowledge doubled and tripled and kept on growing. The first man in space, the first computers as we know them today, the list of technological developments go on and on, with each advancement we come closer to the immaterial world, the world of spirit over matter. The world wide web a thing of binary codes made up of nought but numbers 1's and 0's roll out in sequences creating artificial intelligence and a new consciousness is born from out the ashes of the apocalypse. As we today send messages across the globe on Vertual's silken web would we not seem to man long past as magus of great...

Chapter Consciousness Rites

Many tools and processes have been embraced by the New Age-channeling, crystals, re-birthing, herbs, pyramid power, past-life regression, meditation, neurolinguistic programming, yoga, and a host of others. Some of these are spiritual, some are psychological and others are magical in nature. But try to call a New Age person a Witch, or even a magician, and you're likely to be ridiculed and decried as a close-minded person.

Yellow White Red Green

When the fire goes out, sit and meditate before the still-burning candle for a few moments. Focus upon the goal, and upon the flame of the candle. Meditate for about ten to fifteen minutes, then extinguish the candle. If you are using a knob Each day for the next eight days (making a total of nine) you will light the candle again. Imagine the flame surrounded by white light. Repeat the incantation given above, then meditate upon your goal for ten to fifteen minutes. If you're using a knob candle, let one full segment burn away each day. Then extinguish the candle saying

The Charge of the Goddess

Some practitioners feel that charges are an attempt to formalise energies that are beyond definition within a more conventional spiritual framework and that they are therefore artificial and restricting. If you have not used them before, I suggest you try working through the meditation given later in this chapter, to see if it is right for you. If you are working in a group, you can each recite different parts of the charge, but best of all, through meditation, alone or as a group, you can work to create your own. If you are a solitary practitioner, you can read or recite your charge into a candle flame or in a wild, open place, and feel the energies resounding beyond and within you. You can also use it before divination or as an introduction to a ceremony for healing or greater understanding. Meditation can last from five minutes to half an hour or more. In these initial stages, allow your own psyche to guide you as to when the experience is done. If other members of the group are...

Samhairi All Hallows

Place the apples around the cauldron. Light the candle inside the cauldron and do the Invocation of the God and then the Invocation of the Goddess. After the invocations, take time to do some divination or meditation on the meaning of the ritual. Next, energize the protection bag you made. Place your hands over the bag, express your desire, and then chant the following

The Snake And The Mirror

While in the state of 'Manteia' (ecstasy), the Initiates can contemplate their resplendent Intimate, face to face, before the mirror of Eleusis. Another marvelous mirror exists within the human being. The Gnostic Medic must learn how to use this mirror by means of interior profound meditation This mirror is the imagination. For the wise ones, to imagine is to see. The imagination is clairvoyance itself

What Is The Pray Of God And Goddess Of Witches In Africa

Poor and ill, Tonatiuh cast himself into the flames, and being burnt up, was resurrected. Daily Tonatiuh repeats his passage across the heavens, down into darkness, and back again into the sky. With him Tonatiuh carries all brave warriors who have died in battle and all brave women who have died in childbirth. The greatest heroes Tonatiuh carries with him to the greatest heights. In Tonatiuhican, the House of the Sun, dwell those who have won even greater enlightenment than those who dwell in Tlillan-Tlapallan.

Midsummer Summer Solstice

Now, turn and face the altar and do the Invocation of the God and the Invocation of the Goddess. Take a moment to meditate on the meaning of the ritual and season. At this point you will want to energize the floating candle with your own wishes. Place your hands over the candle, express your desire, and then chant the following. Place the candle in the center of the altar on the pen-tacle, and do the Invocation of the God and the Invocation of the Goddess. Take a moment to meditate on the meaning of the ritual and season. At this point you will want to energize the candle with your own wishes. Place your hands over the candle, express your desire, and then chant the following.

Mabon The Autumn Equinox

Focus A time of abundance, reaping the bounty of the Earth and of celebration for life and its gifts welcoming the waning, darker part of the year, the god in the Underworld or within the womb of the Earth Mother for letting go and if necessary grieving for what is not fulfilled

Making magic with incense

Most witches will be able to meditate and get their minds in the right fame and state. There are many ways to mediate and a lot of them can be quiet hard. In fact it is not easy at all to think of absolutely nothing for short periods of time. As you are mediating with your eyes closed holding the crystal. Meditate on your highest good and greatest joy. Always try to think positive be relaxed and happy. *A color stone coordinating to what you intend to meditate on (cheek out how to Wright your own spells chapter) *You're favorite crystal *Some leather

Invocation Of The King Of The West

The invoker will meditate on the King of the West and when He appears, then he must ask what is wished for. It is necessary to have humbleness and to incline before the verdict of the Law. Everything will be done not as the invoker wants it, but as the Law wants it. The invocations must always be performed at midnight in the mountain and with a lot of humbleness.

The Charge Of The

For some practitioners, this charge is less important, but I believe that the male polarity or energies are an integral part not only of the seasonal Wheel of the Year, but also of human experience, whether you are working alone or as part of a coven. It is one I have found helpful, but you can create your own through a god meditation by visualising a god form that seems relevant to you. Again I have used Celtic god forms

From the Bhagavad Gita

In the calm of self-surrender you can free yourself from the bondage of virtue and vice during this very life. Devote yourself, therefore, to reaching union with Brahman. To unite the heart with Brahman and then to act that is the secret of unattached work. In the calm of self-surrender, the seers renounce the fruits of their actions, and so reach enlightenment. Then they are free from the bondage of rebirth, and pass to that state which is beyond all evil. How can it meditate Without meditation, where is peace This is the state of enlightenment in Brahman A man does not fall back from it Into delusion. Even at the moment of death He is alive in that enlightenment Brahman and he are one.

To further strengthen the aura

Once you realize that you should be concerned about your safety, but not before, build a small fire. Use dead fall from ash, cedar, and or oak if you can. There is no reason to harm a tree to heal a human. As you meditate, sprinkle a combination of dragon's blood, frankincense, and lavender onto the coals. Ideally, you will want three ounces of dragon's blood, three ounces of frankincense, and nine ounces of lavender, because it is going to be a very long night. Unfortunately, dragon's blood can be very expensive so purchase what seems reasonable. Make sure you break up the dragon's blood beforehand or purchase it as a powder. If you cannot have an open fire, you can bring a fire container with you, start it with coal, and then toss oak chips onto the coals. During the Summer, oak chips are readily available at most grocery stores. Boil some green tea, chamomile, and or sage over the fire, and sweeten it with cane sugar.

Sayings of Good Grief the Psychologists

In the traditional psychologies, one group may find that a certain technique works well in a given situation. Its members may tend to apply it in situations where it is inappropriate, or with people for whom it is inappropriate. Because the technique works for them, they come to believe that it ought to work for everyone at all times. The technique becomes the end, and may become an obsession. Those who are involved in using such a technique, be it a particular meditation technique or a certain breathing exercise, can become fixated and restricted to what the technique has to offer. The adherents may set up schools to teach the sacred ritual, forgetting that any technique has its relevance only for a certain community at a certain time. Just as can happen with any scientific technique which is overextended or which persists for too long, the original application and intent of the esoteric technique may become lost, although the surface appearance of the enterprise is well-maintained....

The World The Universe Key Pathway

This is the twenty second card in the deck given the key of twenty one. As the last card in the pack I think to link this card to history would be impossible and yet this march through time requires a tie up and that lies in the pathway to which this card relates. The 32nd pathway mans next great leap of advancement. When we look at the history of man so far we see constant change and alteration, expansion leading to times of internal seeking. If the Day of Judgment really has come and gone with the launch of the atom bomb on Hiroshima what next for us Will there be another time of darkness before yet another new day Are we now in the grips of that darkness as wars rage across the planet and religions, with the one same God, fight and pull at each others hair and threaten to pull the world apart with all their rage and hate What more must man throw off to find the true and lasting enlightenment which will bring about the ecstasy and utopian world we all now seek The answer lies before...

The extent of the witch craze

This shift in thinking eventually led to the era called the Enlightenment that began in the eighteenth century. By then past history was dismissed as having been the result of irrational, ancient superstitions. People moved forward into a new age, choosing not to look back.

Lecture Twenty Four The Survival of the Past

Scope In our final lecture, we explore the survival of pre-Christian traditions in Europe. The lecture focuses on folklore and the lasting presence of such Celtic influences as Beltane fires, May Day celebrations, mistletoe, maypoles, and other such practices. The lecture also discusses magic places in Europe, such as the great maze at the Cathedral of Chartres. We conclude with a summation of the material discussed in previous lecture, an explanation of how the triumph of science led to the relegation of other forms of knowledge to the realm of superstition, and the manner in which the terror of history was redefined and transformed on the eve of the Enlightenment. We conclude with some thoughts on the manner in which the terror of history remains a grim reality in contemporary history, above all, in the disasters of the last century.

How to make a divination scaring vessel

Using the soft white rope make a circle in the space you will be working in. Place a white candle evenly spaced around the perimeter of the rope circle to represent the four cardinal points. Sit in the middle of your circle and light the candles. Relax and start to meditate. When you are ready mix the oils and anoint the handle to your broom. As you rub the oil on the handle of your broom chant Lay down within your magic circle and meditate with your eyes closed. When you are ready you will astral project to another world of new experience.

Englightenment replaces superstition

During the early eighteenth century people were struggling to redefine traditional superstitions as the Enlightenment, an intellectual and scientific movement that began in Europe in the seventeenth century, introduced a more rational, reasoned, and ordered concept of the universe. The stronghold of Puritan faith was being replaced by the so-called Age of Reason, which provided no opportunity for hysteria over supernatural powers or the battle between God and the devil. Journals and other accounts show that episodes of suspicion and violence against supposed witches became less frequent throughout the region. Nevertheless, accusations of witchcraft persisted in some places, even into the nineteenth century.

Pathway Key The Tower

The raw power of cosmic energy striking down unshielded. The card represents the God of light and reason, the overpowering light of truth in which all falsehood and ultimately all duality is destroyed. A flash of inner illumination which brings freedom of enlightenment. Human consciousness in direct contact with the primary forces of the hidden centre, the goal of the mystic quest of the Tarot. This devastating impact frees the mind from its fetters and opens the way to the centre but if the conscious mind is not prepared, not strongly built on firm foundations, it may back from enlightenment. Now we have reached the final pathways on the Tree and I'm sure that you have by now got used to working out what each of the spheres at the ends of the pathways give to the pathway. I'm sure that by meditating upon the major cards upon their pathways it will be easy for you to understand the pathways of the Tree. Let us continue down the rest of the Tree and complete this section of the...

Pathway Key The Magician

The first indication of direction towards actuality. This card represents the first stage of conscious existence, the emerging of self-awareness at the beginning of the journey of life. With the symbol of divinity and eternity above his head the Magician is a card that stands as a direct link to the source. One hand points to the sky whilst the other points to the ground indicating as above so below . The combination of this and the symbol of divinity and eternity shows that the journey is infect unending. Ask yourself the same questions as before when meditating upon this pathway to fully understand both the card and it's position here.

Magick and Spellcraft in Lore

W henever you make or spend time working with a preparation, meditate on the intent. If you are grinding herbs, don't cheat by using your coffee grinder. Use a mortar and pestle. As you do, hold the pestle (masculine) in your projective dominant hand and the mortar (feminine) in your receptive submissive hand. Visualize the two genders joining to create the child that is your intent. If you are blending oils, shaking tinctures, or mixing powders, always concentrate on the specific intent of that preparation at each step of the way. Absolutely do not make or purchase a preparation for future use. This will be particularly tempting with tinctures as they take a couple of weeks to prepare. A large amount of the spell is the meditation that creating the preparation will cause. Even if

Spring Equinox Sabbat

Priest ess Let us now meditate on that which we wish to bring forth. Let us consider our hopes and opportunities and direct our energies to one, or more, things we would start upon the road of life. All sit and, in as comfortable a position as possible, meditate. Think of what seed of an idea you would like to plant, that it may grow into an opportunity. It might be a quality like Patience, or Perseverence, or it might be the opportunity to do or create something. It might be something not for yourself but for another Note You are not here working magick I'll deal with that fully in a later lesson but simply planting a seed in your mind that you can nurture and let grow. Like all seeds, it will need tending, attention and care, to help it develop and finally bloom. When sufficient time has elapsed the bell is rung. PRIEST ESS takes the parchment and pen and writes, at the top, his her seed (try to concentrate it into as few words as possible). The parchment is...

Yule The Winter Solstice

Take a few moments to meditate on the meaning of the ritual. Relax. Invoke the God, and then invoke the Goddess. At this point you will want to energize the bayberry candle with your thoughts and desires. Place your hands over the candle, express your desire, and then chant the following

The Four Noble Truths

These two extremes, monks, are not to be practiced by one who has gone forth from the world. What are the two That conjoined with the passions and luxury, low, vulgar, common, ignoble, and useless and that conjoined with self-torture, painful, ignoble, and useless. Avoiding these two extremes the Tathagata has gained the enlightenment of the Middle Path, which produces insight and knowledge, and tends to calm, to the higher knowledge, enlightenment, Nirvana. And what, monks, is the Middle Path, of which the Tathagata has gained enlightenment, which produces insight and knowledge, and tends to calm, to higher knowledge, enlightenment, Nirvana This is the Eightfold Way namely, right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration. This, monks, is the Middle Path, of which Tathagata has gained enlightenment, which produces insight and knowledge, and tends to calm, to higher knowledge, enlightenment, Nirvana.

Yuehshan Holds It

The governor of a state asked Yueh-shan, I understand that all beasts possess Sila (precepts), Dhjana (meditation) and Prajna (wis-dom) Do you keep the precepts Do you practice meditation Have you attained wisdom NYOGEN When one keeps the precepts, he can meditate well when his meditation becomes matured, he attains wisdom. Since these three, Sila, Dhyana, and Prajna, are interrelated and equally essential, no one of the three can be carried as an independent study. But the governor was trying to understand the teaching as he might a civil-service examination. He himself had often selected men who might be deficient in one quality, provided that they were strong in another. What foolish questions to ask Yueh-shan If a monk is deficient in the precepts, he cannot accomplish his meditation if his meditation is not complete, he never attains true wisdom. He cannot _ specialize in any one of the three. Today there are Buddhist students who write books but never practice meditation or lead...

Three Green Books

Reformed Druids like stories and short pithy wisdom sayings. Over the years, various Arch-Druids have collected good stories to share with their fellow Grove members, especially during the meditative part of the Order of Worship. Some consider the meditation to be the very heart and purpose of the ritual, so chose a selection carefully. If you can't find one, perhaps one of these may work for you. At Carleton, the first Green Book (named after its cover), proved influential, but the 2nd and 3rd volumes seem much less so.

Planning a Ritual

The first obstacle many of us face when designing a ritual is finding inspiration. We know we want to plan a ritual, but we have no idea what to do. Inspiration for rituals can come from any number of places, such as myth found in literature and art, meditation and dream work, rituals and rites of other religions and other communities, the elements (especially for esbats and Sabbats, elemental inspiration can be particularly appropriate), or the movement and change of the natural world and the Wheel of the Year.


If you do choose to continue, remember there is nothing to fear. Life is forever and everything is just an experience on the road to enlightenment. Viewed from the highest level of perception, there is no good and evil, only consciousness making choices to experience all there is to experience. The astonishing events which this book exposes are in the process of coming to an end as the light of freedom dawns at last on the biggest transformation of consciousness this planet has seen in 26,000 years. It is, despite some of the information you are about to read, a wonderful time to be alive.

The Altar

It can be used to focus on communication with our Higher Selves and SPIRIT GUIDES - this is meditation. All of these -worship, magic, meditation -are ways of focusing our psychic energy to accomplish specific ends. The altar can aid in that focus, and can be used to augment that energy and enhance the result.


Meditation should be comfortable and secure. Therefore your posture should be comfortable and secure. You may choose any position you like so long as you make sure to keep your spine straight. I personally recommend that you sit in a comfortable, straight-backed chair. You should be able to sit well back spine straight with your feet flat on the floor. The chair should, preferably, have arms to it on which to rest your arms. It need not have a high back, in fact it is better if it does not. You may prefer to sit or lay on the floor. If you choose to sit on the floor, the lotus position is not recommended unless you are an adept and completely comfortable with it. You should select a location that allows you to lean against something for back support. The floor surface should be comfortably soft. It is helpful, though not absolutely necessary, to reduce the presence of man-made fibers such as metal, plastic and synthetics, as much as possible. Ideally a soft sheepskin or a heavy woolen...

The Cabot Tradition

In addition to Craft basics and history, instruction includes parapsychology physiology astrology geometric structure sociology anthropology meditation aura reading, balancing and healing the use of crystals and the psychic arts. The Cabot Tradition traces the origins of the Craft to the Celts. The tradition teaches past-life regression and Cabot's theory of the Root Races of humankind, which holds that humans come from other planetary systems. According to Cabot, alpha waves store all knowledge of the universe, and a person who enters an alpha trance may pick up on vibrations from the past.


Witchcraft Magazine

In contemporary Witchcraft and Paganism, initiation marks entry into a closed and traditionally secret society opens the door to the learning of ritual secrets, MAGIC and the development and use of psychic powers marks a spiritual transformation, in which the initiate begins a journey into Self and toward the Divine Force and marks the beginning of a new religious faith. While traditional initiation rites exist, Witches and Pagans feel the spiritual threshold may be crossed in many alternate ways. Initiation may be experienced in a group or alone. It may be formal or informal. It may be performed with an old ritual or a new one it may come as a spontaneous spiritual awakening, in meditation or in dreams. It may occur at a festival.

Intent oils

Place one drop on each temple when meditating. This is not a good recipe to use in candles. Place one drop on each temple when meditating. This is excellent oil to use in candles that will be used for divination. Meditation Oil Massage a drop into each temple. This is excellent but expensive oil to use when making meditation candles.

The Qabalistic Cross

Qabalistic Cross

There are many different ways you can introduce the Tree of Life as a working tool into your spiritual, magical and mundane life. To share them all here with you would be impossible so I'm just going to carry on with the basic works we have done already dealing with what the spheres represent at their core. Tiphareth is a transitional sphere where we pass from one thing to another. Sometimes it is a massive transformation other times it is but a small thing. In the first case it is like a death and rebirth, in the latter it is but a little step over a new threshold. Which ever it may be there is cause to mark this passing in some way, so I thought it might be nice to teach you all a very simple exercise that is a good way to perpare yourself for ritual or meditation. The Qabalistic Cross has a mutlitude of other uses also from clearing away negativity to helping you get a little more grounded. It can also be used as a minor protective rite to keep away negative energies others may...

The Witches Cradle

It is not necessary, nor recommended, that the individual use the Cradle, under normal circumstances. Such a device should only be used under the close supervision of someone who is completely knowledgeable in its use. The essence of its benefits can and should be used, however. A procedure to induce the proper conditions for freeing the consciousness is outlined in the method of meditation given in Lesson Seven. These meditation procedures, if properly and consistently used, can also provide deprivation of the senses, comfort of the body and elimination of the senses which will free the consciousness.

Pathway Key The Fool

Situated on the pathway between Kether and Chokmah this card represents the beginning of a journey from idea to actuality. The Fool represents the pure innocence of the soul and it's total lack of understanding of the world in which it is manifest. The journey has no solid structure at this stage it is simply the intent to begin. This card represents the chaos before reason. Pure impulse and blind faith in the future. It is like a baby being neither good nor evil, it is simple intent. Behind it is the vast nothingness which is absolutely everything, before it a rainbow path of awareness. From here there is only forwards for to go back would be to unbecome. What do you feel from this pathway Where does it come from and where does it go How is it expressed in each of the four worlds When working with the pathways the cards of the Major Arcana can be invaluable to aid us in our understanding. Consider these questions when meditating on this pathway and this card, a full understanding can


Damiana Diferant Plant Picture

You can read Dion Fortune's representation of this triangle in her book the Mystical Qabalah, for further input. Bethra has included the link in her post on the Recommended Reading Thread. However, I would like to include this observation of this triangle, as I made a few connections to this today while meditating. It seems germane to this forum somehow. Now I just can't help, but think that this is an important part of my belief here. I believe that John and Jesus were connected. I believe that the etherical triangle of the Tree of Life is a representation of this dual messiah thing. I would even go so far as to change my description of Chesed to that of the priestly king. I would certainly relate Jesus Geburah and the warrior king. However, the wheels fell off the messiah wagon when John was beheaded and Jesus crucified. The Tiphareth sphere which represents the victory seems to have been fulfilled in the death of John and Jesus, and opened the veil of Paroketh behind Tiphareth...

Wood Betony

A rose petal with a concave form would first be selected, a yes-or-no question asked, and then a state of meditation entered into. Afterwards, the diviner would place the rose petal in the palm of his or her right hand and then firmly clap both hands together one time. If the petal burst, this indicated an affirmative answer. But if it failed to burst, this was interpreted as a negative reply.

Circle Sanctuary

Circle Witchcraft

Circle originally was formed as an informal coven, after Fox conceived the idea, name and logo in a meditation. Fox and Alan drew on their musical backgrounds to create a body of Pagan RITuAL chants and songs, which continue to be used by Wiccan and Pagan groups around the world. Circle quickly took a leadership role in the growing Pagan community, providing a national and international contact service, organizing and coordinating


Below I have given the association for each of the daily and hourly angels. Since angels are a very personal form of empowerment and protection, I have not made the descriptions too precise, however. To learn more about them, see the section in Further Reading on page 297, or try entering angels on your web browser. Images can be downloaded and form a focus for meditations, through which you can invoke each angel using your own higher self or consciousness. In this way, the protective angel draws on your own spiritual powers. significant dreams, as well as connection with the world soul and mind through the unconscious mind, especially in prayer and meditation and in beautiful, natural places close to water. He brings deepening spirituality within the family and work environment. He can be invoked for protection against inclement weather, for travel across water, for taking away sorrow and for diminishing self-destructive tendencies and replacing them with the gentle growth of new...


Saturday, the day of Saturn, is potent for spells concerned with unfinished business, and with endings that lead to beginnings. It is therefore a good day for all slow-moving matters and for accepting limitations, as well as for overcoming obstacles that are long-standing or need careful handling. It also aids lifting depression or doubts, meditation, long-term psychic protection, locating lost objects, animals and people and regaining self-control whether over bad habits or emotions. It is also the planet of mystical experiences and of exploring the unconscious depths of the individual and collective psyche and for pastlife work.

The Four Quarters

The quarter of enlightenment, illumination, mysticism and the eternal. It corresponds to the element of Air, the athame or sword, the colors red or white. Traditionally the altar is aligned to the east. When a circle is cast, the high priestess or high priest leaves an opening, sometimes in the northeast portion, depending on the tradition, as the gate for other coveners to enter. The northeast is the symbolic dividing line between the path of darkness (north) and the path of light (east). In Masonry, the east represents mankind's highest and most spiritual consciousness.

Effective Prayer

We gain familiarity with the divine spark within ourselves through ritual, meditation and prayer. It's during these moments, in which we expand our awareness beyond the physical world, that the divine energy within us rises and fills our consciousness. Though we may call the Goddess and God, we're actually becoming newly focused on Their presence inside us. Once this has occurred, we can become aware of Their greater presences beyond ourselves. Look into the candle's flame, then down into the water. Blow gently upon the water's surface and watch the flower's movements. Meditate. Commune. Thank.

World healing spell

Light the gold candle and meditate on giving world peace. See a blue energy channel down through your body into the ground spreading over the words. Meditation helper This isn't really a spell but a tip I was once told by a friend. I was once having trouble meditating so I did the following. Fill a small drawstring bag with, basal, musk, mandrake, lavender and some hemlock leaves. Hold this bag when attempting to meditate. It works wonders.

Neo Paganism

1900 Witch Covern

As a result of the Enlightenment, a period of intellectual rationalism (reasoning) that started in seventeenth-century Europe and came to the United States in the eighteenth century, (see Chapter 5), cultural, social, economic, and technological changes continued to push fears of witches into the background. Nevertheless, belief in witchcraft still flourished, particularly among peasant societies in isolated areas of Europe. In the nineteenth century an organized revival of witchcraft, called Wicca, took place in Britain among the Romantics, a social and literary group that rejected the dehumanizing effects of industrialization and tried to recapture a closeness to nature. ( Wicca is a term for witch that has been traced to Germanic words like wik, meaning to bend, or Old English words such as wiccian, meaning to cast spells, and witan, or wise person. ) In the early 1900s the British Order of the Druids, who claimed to have roots in pre-Christian Ireland, became one of the first...


Malkuth Pantacle

The Tarot card fixed to this pathway is often helpful when meditating upon it. In this case the card is The World. It is the final card of the major arcana and yet it speaks of the end of one cycle and the beginings of a new. It speaks of the transformation from worldly form to spiritual. That which is fixed in form, rises to the consciousness of


The Temple of the Eternal Light is Brooklyn's oldest Kabbalistic Wiccan temple, an eclectic fellowship that approaches Wicca from a magickal point of view. Their home study program and in-house workshops focus on the Thirteen Tools Towards Enlightenment, which incorporate the Kabbalah and ceremonial magick into Wicca. They are nice folks and they meet on a regular basis.

The Sabbat

If the ritual is an Esbat, an invocation is spoken, sung, or chanted to the Goddess in Her lunar aspect. A meditation may occur next, following by the magical workings. Scrying (the act of gazing into a crystal sphere, pool of water, candle flame) may follow. In a coven new initiates may be taught basic Wiccan techniques.

To turn back plague

Healing these injustices and the plague itself is not a simple case of solitary meditation because, although your intent may be that AIDS victims are treated with respect and dignity, it is the intent of others that they be spat on and rounded up in concentration camps. This challenge is so great, that we must call on multiple forces to hear our plea.

Incense Magick

Incenser Draw

Since the 1960s, incense sticks, cones and burners have increased in popularity for home use, to create an atmosphere of calm, to induce love and cleanse negativity. Many people use them for meditation as well as for rituals for confidence, health, love, prosperity, psychic protection and success.

Folk Magic

Today, the resurgence begun in the late 1960s has produced a generation of aware individuals. Many of these folk magicians have also become involved in channelling, psychic healing, herbal medicine, sensory deprivation, holistic consciousness, crystal work, vegetarianism, neurolinguistic programming, meditation, and Eastern teachings. This-along with a big media push-has produced the New Age movement.

The Intention

This portion of the ritual is where individual creativity blossoms. The intention can be as simple or elaborate as the practitioner wishes. The solitary Witch will usually keep this portion of the ritual fairly simple, using a cherished poem or prayer to express his or her desires. The coven or large group might use this time for a guided meditation to present a drama based on a mystery teaching, or to participate in an


Purple candles aid meditation, work with past lives, scrying with candles and mirrors, and astral travel. They are good for psychic protection and preventing nightmares. Purple can also be used for all rituals where the facts are not clear, for clearing secrecy, for healing the spirit and for banishing what lies in the past, especially failure, and for remembering departed loved ones. Below, I have given subdivisions for different shades of purple, but in practice they are interchangeable.

Writing a Ritual

The last element isn't really a trigger, but it's an easy way to get the participants into a ritual mindset, and that is the use of meditation and or trance inductions. Even a simple grounding and centering can allow your participants to let down their guard, to ease out of the stresses and trials of everyday life and to become absorbed into the magical time that you have prepared.

The Baron

The minute I hear any priest or minister espousing some theological cause I immediately take the opposite view. Pray to God I'll pray to the devil I'm not in full agreement with all of the Ten Commandments but those I can accept I do only because they were plagiarized from the Code of Hammurabi. As to rituals Yes, I practice some of them. I use herbs, candles, Holy Wafers, meditation, concentration, yoga, hypnotism I'm an expert at self-hypnosis and I can anaesthetize my whole body want to see

The Element of Fire

The following items are all associated with the element of Fire. Use them collectively or separately to help create the proper magickal atmosphere for working with the element of Fire. For example meditating on the Archangel Michael and then placing a red candle next to his picture will help one gain personal energy and power.

To Get the Sight

Sight cometh to different people in divers ways 'tis seldom it cometh naturally, but it can be induced in many ways. Deep and prolonged meditation may do it, but only if you are a natural, and usually prolonged fasting is necessary. Of old the monks and nuns obtained visions by long vigils, combined with fasting and flagellation til blood came other mortifications of the flesh were practiced which resulted in visions.

The Vigil

The vision quest is a tradition among the Plains people. A man or woman seeking the way an the road of life, or trying to find the answer to a personal problem, may go on a vision quest for knowledge and enlightenment. This means staying on top of a hill or inside a vision pit, alone, without food or water, for as long as four days and nights. It is said, that if the quiet voices reveal or confer a vision that shapes a person's life, then the quest is worth all the suffering'. The following tale, however, treats the vision quest with less than complete solemnity, with Sioux man Lame Deer's characteristic quirks. But the young man clenched his teeth, determined to stick it through. He resolved to force that vision to come. He spent another day in the pit, begging for enlightenment which would not come, and then another night of fear and cold and hunger.


The disciple must render himself daily to the practice of profound meditation. The theme of birth and death of plants is very simple as an exercise for interior meditation. The disciple must sit or lie down comfortably and stare for some moments at a plant, which he must already have for this exercise. He then closes his eyes and while preserving the image of the plant in his mind, he becomes somnolent. Once he is sleepy (somnolent), then he has to meditate on the growth of the plant, from the time when it was a little, tiny stalk, until reaching its present state. This medicinal procedure through interior profound meditation develops the disciple's own imagination. Thus, he will become an illuminated clairvoyant. He will direct his internal sight towards the most far away boundaries of the earth and will become a ruler of creation in its entirety. He will know the wisdom of each herb and thus he will unleash the tempests. He will transmute lead into gold and will make the earth...

Chart Of Comparisons

This is, of course, by no means a complete list but rather an inspirational sampling. Meditation upon the various Things mentioned in the Mythos will permit the scholar to draw his own conclusions research upon the etymology of both Lovecraft's and Crowley's respective literature enables the occultist to discover the ancient Names and Numbers for much of his own, familiar, material.

To Gain the Sight

1 This cometh to different people in diverse ways. 'Tis seldom it cometh naturally, but it can be induced in many ways. Deep and prolonged meditation may do it, but only if you be a natural, and usually prolonged fasting was also necessary. Of old monks and nuns obtained visions by long vigils, combined with fasting, flagellation till the blood came, and other mortifications of the flesh, and so undoubtedly had visions. In the East it is tried with various tortures, at the same time sitting in cramped postures, which retard the flow of blood, and these torments, long and continued, give good results. But in the Art we are taught an easier way to intensify the imagination, at the same time controlling the blood supply, and this may best be done by using the ritual.

The Pentacle

Symbols, and tools are the visual aids that enhance and accentuate the different aspects of spiritual work. Whether you are meditating, praying, or performing a special ritual, these objects create atmosphere, aid in concentration, and focus energy. Religious symbols are links to deity and make

The Magickal Process

The most direct approach to the astral plane is through astral projection. This can be accomplished during the dream state or through conscious out-of-body experience. Before going to bed, the practitioner will program his or her mind to project to a designated place. During this time, the mind will record all it sees and does. Upon awakening, the Witch will immediately record his or her impressions. This procedure will be repeated until the practitioner can leave his or her body consciously while in a state of meditation or relaxation. If the magician can focus his or her attention hard enough, then astral projection will take place. There are several types of imagined suggestion exercises that can be used to aid in the process

Cone of Power

All shall drop to the ground in a circle facing the HPS. If there is coven work to be done, now is the appropriate time to do it. Or a meditation upon the Moon's season, or such other matter as may be fitting or needful. At an esbat Wine and Cakes will follow, but at a Sabbat the Great Rite comes first.


A number of further themes recur in the representations of the shamans extended retreats into underground chambers (a symbolic death and descent to the underworld, from which they return with enlightenment) divination control of the elements association with the cult of Hyperborean Apollo dismissal of pollution and pestilence. For another possible archaic shaman see 140 for later Greek shamans see 57-64.

The haunted chamber

He developed an interest in reading and contemplation (the act of thinking or meditating about something thoughtfully). Although he was often isolated, he had a pleasant childhood, adored by his mother and two sisters and supported by relatives as he grew into adulthood. In 1821 Hawthorne's prosperous uncles, the Mannings, sent him to Bowdoin College, where fellow students were poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow future U.S. president Franklin Pierce and Horatio Bridge, who would later finance one of Hawthorne's publications. After graduating from Bowdoin in 1825, Hawthorne returned to Salem and lived with his mother for twelve years. He spent most of his time alone in what he called a haunted chamber, developing his skills as a writer and discovering the themes that later became the trademarks of his works. In 1838 he met Sophia Peabody, to whom he confided, If ever I should have a biographer, he ought to make great mention of this chamber in my memoirs, because so much of my lonely...


When reciting the exorcism of the day, the invoker must place himself in the center of the circle, and must submerge himself in profound meditation, begging the planetary Regent of that day to send him some of His holy Angels. While praying, meditating and even weeping, the invoker must ask, supplicate, beseech. Faith must be intense and the supplication immense.

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