Lesser Circle of Protection Rosahringur minni

Rosahringur must be carved on the flesh side of the skin of a brown bitch. Then colour the carving with the blood of a black tomcat which has been killed under a full moon. This is a powerful protection against ghosts and witchcraft. It helps to recite I crave help from the earth, victory from the sun, happiness from the moon, assistance from the stars, and strength from the angels of God. If the sign is to be used against a lightning ghost or a demon, you should spit, throw urine and wave the...

To find a thief Pjofastafur

Magical Staves

If you want to know who has stolen from you, carve this stave on the bottom of of a wooden bowl, fill it with clean water and sprinkle yarrow over it. Recite I invoke the nature of the grass and the power of the sign to reveal who has stolen from me and others. In nomine domini amen. The thief's face will appear in the bowl. From an Icelandic medical text in a 17th century manuscript AM 434a 12mo, in the Arnemagnean Collection in Reykjav k .