White Clear

White is for limitless potential, clarity of vision, the life force, integration, seeking what is of worth.

White can form a focus for all kinds of healing since it is the synthesis of all other colours. It promotes health and healing, integration of mind, body and soul. White light is a natural pain-reliever, and can help to protect against cerebral disorders, increase breast milk in nursing mothers, speed the mending of broken bones and relieve calcium deficiency and toothache.

Clear crystals include diamonds, clear crystal quartz, zircon and pure white stones, especially those from the sea.

Miracle Healing Properties Of Transfer Factor

Miracle Healing Properties Of Transfer Factor

Balance Your Immune System And Heal From The Worst With Transfer Factor. The immune system is one of the most important key factors when it comes to the transfer factor. Before one can fully understand why transfer factor is so important, it is even more important to understand the various functions of the immune system for one cannot comprehend the use of a fireplace without understanding why fire is important.

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