Purple is for inner vision, psychic awareness and spirituality, the colour of the evolving soul. Purple is cleansing and uplifting, counteracting doubts and negativity.

Within the range of purples, specific shades are good for certain areas of the body, though in practice they are usually interchangeable.

Indigo helps to ease eye, ear, nose and skin problems and migraines, and soothes the nervous system. It aids healing of deep tissue and bones and is a natural sedative.

Lavender increases the power of all herbs, oils and flower and tree essences used in healing. Violet is effective for treating allergies, asthma, sleep disorders and stress-related illnesses. Purple crystals include amethyst, sugilite, sodalite, peacock's eye (bornite) and purple kunzite. Rose

Rose (or pink) is for unconditional love, reconciliation and gentleness and for soothing loss.

Rose is the gentle healer, promoting restful sleep, pleasant dreams and optimism. Ear, eye and gland problems, head pains and psychosomatic illnesses fall under its auspices, as do disorders relating to children and babies, especially fretfulness and hyperactivity.

Rose crystals include pink kunzite, rose quartz, tourmaline and coral.

Miracle Healing Properties Of Transfer Factor

Miracle Healing Properties Of Transfer Factor

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