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Once you have established what you require for your needs, find the right oils, using the list above, together with the list of herbs starting on page 110 and the incenses that you may also find in oil form.

The ritual is to be carried out over three consecutive nights. Work on the two days before the full moon and the night of the full moon if you can, as this is the best time for energies of increase. It is also a traditional planting time for herbs and vegetables that grow above the ground.

However, if you need money urgently you cannot sit around waiting for the moon to be right, so burn silver lunar candles on each of the three evenings and picture the lovely ripening Moon we see at this period in the sky, if the weather is clear.

You can carry out the ritual at any time of day, but you should try to choose a time that is quiet. If you can only work during daylight hours, allow the natural light to add to the candle energies or draw the blinds.

You will need:

* An oil burner, the kind with a small nightlight underneath.

* Three prosperity oils. Good examples are patchouli, peppermint, ginger and sage. If you are pregnant, use frankincense, orange and lavender. (Note that lavender is an all-purpose herb that can be substituted for any other.)

* Symbols of prosperity, such as jewellery (golden-coloured for the Sun, and silver for the Moon), and some copper-coloured coins for Venus, planet of growth, to add to your money jar.

(Keep a collection of foreign currency left over from holidays for such prosperity spells. You can often also buy from garage sales or museum shops old or reproduction coins in the traditional metals -such as the US silver dollar - and these tend to have more of the pure metal. Failing this, even metal discs will do.)

* Three candles, beeswax, gold or rich blue.

* A small pottery jar with a lid to 'incubate' your money. (It is a good idea to collect a selection of jars, small wooden boxes, glass bottles and pots as many spells require a container.)

* A small, flat tray or open dish in a silver or gold colour. (Again these are often found amongst unwanted memorabilia. Alternatively, cover an ordinary one with gold or silver foil.)

* A crystal pendulum or any crystal pendant that will swing freely.

When you are ready to start the spell on the first night, have a bath, with a few drop of frankincense or sandalwood added, to open your psychic channels. Now prepare yourself for the spell.

* Sit in the South of your circle, facing North, the direction of magick and mystery.

* Let your body fill with light from your feet right through to your head.

* Breathe in the gold and silver colours of the items you have assembled and exhale darkness.

If you are in a hurry, just set up your spell and sit for a few moments drawing up power light and energy through your feet. Extend your hands over your head in an arch, stretching your fingers up so that the powers of the cosmos also enter, as you breathe slowly and deeply.

* Place your oil burner in the centre of your altar or on any flat surface, together with your three chosen oils (or you can work with a single fragrance if you prefer).

* To the South of it, set your money pot with the lid open and your coins.

* Place your symbols of abundance on the tray to the North of the dish.

* Arrange your gold, blue or beeswax candles in a triangle (this sacred shape represents the Triple Goddess, the Holy Trinity and the Egyptian Isis, Osiris and Horus). The candle at the apex of the triangle should be in the North, with the other two forming the base to the South, so that the triangle creates a protective enclosure. If you have room, set your candles in holders on the floor or in candlesticks on small tables or chairs at each of the points and have the altar in the centre. This is my preferred method and means that you are within the triangle and can move all round.

* On the first night, walk three times in circles around the outside of the altar (or the floor candles if you are using them), moving outwards, and pointing the index finger of your power hand behind you almost horizontally. Visualise a stream of light emanating from your finger. As you circle, chant:

Circle one I cast for the light of the Earth and her store of rich minerals, gold, silver, copper smelted in forges of volcanic fire.

Circle two I cast for the moonlit seas, for silver dolphins, seals and cascading rainbow fish.

Circle three I cast for the sunlit skies, the clouds pure gold and the gilt-tipped eagle soaring high.

* Light the candle in the North.

* Choose one of your three oils and, holding it in your receptive hand (the one you do not write with), circle over it nine times deosil the crystal pendulum or pendant.

* Say three times, faster and faster:

Star, Moon, Sun and candle bright, charge this oil with radiant light, power of ginger [or name of oil] prosper me, enter golden energy.

* After the third chant, let your pendulum swing freely on its chain so it spirals round, catching the candlelight and, perhaps, the moonlight.

* Add the oil to the burner with a little water and light the nightlight under it.

* Take three of the coins from the dish - if possible these should be one gold, one silver and one copper. Place them in the money pot and hold this briefly in the fragrance emanating from the burner, saying:

Venus, Morn and Evening Star, Sun and Moon that shine afar. I ask in love and not in greed, grant me only what I need.

* Place the lid on the pot and leave it in front of the burner, sitting quietly and visualising money coming to you. At this point you may become aware of money-making possibilities you had not considered.

* When you are ready, blow out the nightlight, then the candle, sending the light into the cosmos that it may return as money-making energies.

* Walk round the circle three times widdershins, beginning with the outer circle of light, drawing the circles back like a thread into your fingers, saying softly:

May the circle be uncast but remain unbroken.

* Leave everything in place except for the pot, which you should put in a warm place to 'incubate', traditionally on a kitchen shelf.

On the second night, return the money pot to the south of the burner and remove the lid.

* Cast the triple circle as before, then light the candle in the North and also the one at the bottom left-hand corner of the triangle.

* Take the second oil and charge it as before. This time you have dual candlelight to reflect in your pendulum.

* Add your second oil and then the first one to the burner with a few drops of water. Light the burner.

* Take six coins from the dish and add to the pot; if possible there should be two golden-coloured, two silver and two copper. Repeat the chant from the previous night.

* Place the lid on the pot, then sit and visualise the money coming towards you and develop your plans to increase your prosperity.

* Blow out the candles and nightlight in reverse order of lighting, sending the energies into the cosmos.

* Uncast the circles as before and return the pot to its warm place.

* On the third night, repeat the ritual, but this time light all three candles and charge the third oil, adding a few drops of each to the burner for the cumulative energies. Add nine coins to the pot, again three of each kind of metal if you have them.

* Uncast the circle, but do not blow out the candles. Leave them and the oil to burn through, and only then put the lid back on the pot and return it to the warm place.

* Add a coin to the pot every day if you can. To empower the spell even further, you could also place a pot of basil, a herb of wealth, to the East of the burner during the ritual and after the three days, place the charged herbs on a window ledge to attract money.

Do something positive to help a person, animal or place on the day after the third ritual. It need not involve money. You can re-light the oils at any time if energies seem sluggish and repeat the whole ritual a moon cycle later for as long as is necessary. There may be a lot of negative vibes swimming the other way, so persevere and be patient.

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