Candle colours: Black, navy blue or deep purple, for letting go of fear, and orange for the joy of immortality that is promised at this time

Symbols: The pumpkin, or Jack o' Lantern, apples - these are symbols of health and feature in Hallowe'en love divination, a custom dating from Druidic times - photographs and journals of deceased family members, to form a focus for happy memories, favourite foods, flowers and symbols of deceased relatives

Crystals: Smoky quartz, apache tears (obsidian), very dark amethysts, boji stones

Flowers, herbs, oils and incenses: Any seasonal yellow flowers -Mexicans scatter yellow flowers from the cemeteries to the homes on 1 and 2 November, their Days of the Dead - cypress, dittany, garlic, marjoram, mugwort, nutmeg, rue

Walking Meditation

Walking Meditation

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