Waxing Moon Fertility Spell

I get asked for fertility spells perhaps more than any other kind, as the modern world with everything running 24 hours a day, including lighting and heating, throws our bodies out of sync. Certainly, people no longer make love in tune with the rising energies of the Earth. While physiological problems need medical input, fertility spells practised over a few months are good for women who come off the Pill and feel anxious if they do not become pregnant in the first two or three months. They will counter the anxiety that builds up and blocks the natural rhythms. It has been scientifically shown that pleasurable sex increases the chances of conception.

But for men and women who do have difficulty conceiving, who use IVF or artificial insemination, fertility spells do seem to help to create spiritual and mental cycles and conception may prove easier. It is certainly worth trying as I know a number of people for whom fertility spells have worked - and even where they do not, they have restored joy to lovemaking.

This ritual should be carried out when the crescent moon is visible in the sky and if you live near the sea, you may be able to coincide your lovemaking with the high tide (a secluded beach is brilliant if the weather is good, although I have known people do this hundreds of miles from the sea). But if the tide is out of sync, then you still have lunar energies aplenty. You could even plan an overnight stay in a hotel with a room overlooking the shore so you can hear the sound of the waves.

* Take an egg and carefully with a needle make a hole in it to drain out all the fluid. You can cook this and eat it or feed this to an animal to avoid waste. If you do not want to use a real egg, you can buy painted wooden or even agate ones in two halves that slot together.

* Cut your shell in half and in one half place either a moonstone or a tiny crystal egg.

* Place both halves open on your window ledge.

* Make love when you wish.

* On the night the full moon is in the sky, take a tiny paper knife and gently prick the crystal still inside the shell saying:

God to Goddess, thee to me, grant increase, if 'tis right to be.

* Make love in the full moonlight if it is shining or at any time that night even if it is not, so that you can see the egg on the window ledge or if you are outdoors on a nearby rock.

* As you reach orgasm, repeat, silently if your partner is nervous of magick:

God to Goddess, thee to me, grant increase, if 'tis right to be.

* Leave your egg in the moonlight.

* The next morning, place the two halves together and wrap the egg with the crystal inside, together with the knife, in a white silk scarf in a drawer in your bedroom.

* Repeat, using a fresh eggshell each month. You may find your menstrual cycle moves slowly to synchronise with the Moon. If possible, make love when you wish, rather than by the chart, for a month or so.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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