Ritual For Consecrating Water

If you are carrying out a special healing or protective ritual, you might wish to use this slightly more complex method of creating sacred water. It is possible to buy or obtain water from holy wells, usually in return for a donation towards the upkeep of the well, and some commercially bottled spring water comes from sacred wells. For example, the healing water from Prime's Well, in the Malvern Hills, where the hero in Langland's poem The Vision of Piers the Plowman received his vision, is now piped and bottled as Malvern Spring Water, without which Queen Elizabeth II will not travel.

Use the following ritual to consecrate your bottled water, or, if you are in a hurry for your rituals, pass a pendulum nine times widdershins over it to remove any influences added in the bottling and nine times deosil to energise it. (A pendulum is made by hanging a crystal, or a piece of wood or metal on a chain and can be used to transmit answers to questions by its movements.

Crystal pendulums are also used to catch the light of the Sun or Moon, thus adding the energies of these light forces.) Use a crystal or clear glass jug or decanter, if possible, in which to keep your water. The kind used for wine, with a stopper or lid, is best.

* Wash a clear, round crystal quartz (a stone used in many cultures to energise and purify water) under running water to remove any impurities introduced by the modern world. Place it in the bottom of your jug or decanter.

* Pour mineral water, from a sacred source if possible, into the jug. Some practitioners, following the ancient Celtic tradition, use water that has been boiled with nine quartz crystals added.

* Leave this water out of doors in a circle of white flowers or blossoms for 24 hours, where it will absorb the complete light cycle. If the Moon is not visible, because of clouds, burn a white candle or nightlight behind it.

* Pass a twig from one of the protective trees, such as rowan, ash, palm, thorn or olive, over it nine times widdershins to remove any lingering negativity.

* Finally, pass the twig over it nine times deosil to empower it, saying:

Water of the goddess, flowing from the Earth, filled with lingering moonbeams, healing bring to birth. Water filled with sunlight, crystal light empower, floral life force entering, blessings on us shower.

Keep your sacred water on a special shelf in a cupboard and when it is almost empty pour what is left into a pond or lake and wash out the jug or decanter under running water.

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