Rainy Day Spell To Banish Sorrow Or A Bad Habit

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* On a large piece of dark paper, with either white chalk or washable paint, write or draw what it is you wish to lose.

* Draw a square round the word or image to mark the limitations of its power, followed by a diagonal cross through the words or image.

* Put the paper on paving stones as it begins to rain and standing in the rain watch the words or image blur and disappear.

* When the paper has disintegrated, say:

It is gone, it is done. Nought left of pain, I thank the rain.

* Scoop up the soaked paper and dispose of it in an outside bin. A Spell To Attract The Right Person Into Your Life

I have used this spell for people who wish to call a current lover who is being over-reticent, but people have told me after I demonstrated it on television that it works just as well for an unknown lover; so I have modified it.

* Take a map either of your local area or country or a world map if you want a lover from afar.

* Scatter five roses across the map, saying:

* Light a pure white candle and taking a sixth rose (six being the number of Venus and love), pluck from it in turn five petals and burn each in the candle flame, saying:

Burn a pathway to my door, five rose petals now are four, Four to three in candle fire, bringing closer my desire. From three to two I burn the rose, love no hesitation shows, From two to one till there is none, the spell is done, come, lover, come.

* Place the map and the roses, the candle and a vase with the rose from which you plucked the petals, in a safe place near an uncurtained window until the candle has burned down.

* Then put all the roses in the vase in your bedroom and when they die repeat the spell if necessary.

Near or far, o 'er land and sea, a lover true I call to me.

Nine Knot Spell

A Knot Ritual For Making A Wish Come True

* Name your wish.

* Take nine scarves or nine pieces of cord, each about the length of a bootlace.

* Place them on a table and slowly tie a loose knot in each so you secure the nine together in a circle, saying with increasing intensity:

By the knot of one, the spell's begun,

By the knot of two, this dream come true.

By the knot of three, the power's in me,

By the knot of four, I make it more.

By the knot of five, the spell's alive,

By the knot of six, my fate's not fixed.

By the knot of seven, my cause is leaven,

By the knot of eight, my aim is straight.

By the knot of nine, the wish is mine.

* Toss your scarves or knotted cords into the air and spiral round, waving them and chanting,

My power renewed, the dream is true, The wish is free, so shall it be.

* Gradually, slow down and reduce your chant to a whisper until you are quite still.

* Sit and make a nine-day plan for making your wish materialise and each morning untie one of your knots as you repeat the chant.

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