Protective Ritual With Empowered Salt

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* Place the salt in a small ceramic dish on your altar and light a pure beeswax candle at the four main compass points around the edges of the altar. Beeswax has a long tradition in magick: it was sacred to the Mother Goddess and later the Virgin Mary. Demeter, goddess of the grain, was called Queen Bee and Aphrodite's symbol at her hive-shaped shrine in Eryx was a gold honeycomb. Her high priestess was always called Melissa, Latin for bee.

* Beginning at the North of your circle, light your elemental candles. At each quarter of the circle say:

Demeter, Aphrodite, Melissa, pure mother bee, charge with thy light this salt, to enfold my home

(workplace/journey) with thy golden mantle of protection.

You may wish to leave out the goddess names or substitute a Mother Goddess or religious icon of your own. Perhaps surprisingly, many witches do ask the blessings of Mother Mary and I believe that if you work in love, then you should use your own focus. If you prefer, just say:

Benign light, charge with honeyed fragrance this salt, to enfold -[insert the name of the person to be protected].

* Next enclose your dish of salt in a square of small protective crystals such as jade or tiger's eye and one or two amber if you have any in your collection. (Rose quartz or glass nuggets in smoky brown and yellow make good substitutes.) Begin in the North and make sure the crystals are touching.

The square is a sacred geometric form symbolising time and space and so is good for all protective rituals. The square should be just inside the candles. Some practitioners create a symbolic square by placing just two crystals in the centre of where each side would be, and you can do this if you prefer. As you create the square, say:

Safe within, nought to enter, nought to harm, nought within but this benign light of love. Thus do I build, thus enclose - [insert the name or place to be protected] in light and protection.

* Now create a circle of golden petals, pollen, leaves or pot pourri. The circle should almost touch the candles, so that they can stand sentinel round it, and should enclose the square or crystals and the salt. The circle represents the spirit and so encloses the space and time square. As you scatter the petals or pollen, say:

Circle of gold, shield from malice, danger and stranger, enter the salt and empower this sphere with a shield of gold.

* Leave the candles to burn down, making sure they are in broad-based holders so wax does not fall on the petals.

If you are working with other people or wish to have a more active ritual, place the dish of salt in the centre resting on the altar or on a rock. Set tall candles in floor holders a short distance away and make an invisible square with frankincense or sandalwood incense by walking round the square and then scattering your golden petal, herb or pollen circle.

If you cannot obtain beeswax candles, use plain white candles and place a tiny dish of honey to the right of the salt. Since the honey will also be empowered, you can absorb the protective magick by using it in a drink or sandwich.

* When the candles have burned down completely, clear away the crystals and wash them under running water.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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