Candle Ritual To Heal The Polluted Seas And Other Bodies Of Water

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This is a ritual to be carried out after dusk. It also has the effect of clearing old hurts and regrets that can hold us back from experiencing joy. A wonderful selection of garden torches and candles are now available, that can be placed in the ground for working out of doors. As you are taking away pollution, work at the time of the waning moon. Blue is the elemental colour of water.

* Place four blue candles at the four main compass points in a room or any outdoor area. The four blue compass candles can act as sentinels of light, protecting the four quarters of the circle.

* In the centre, place a cauldron or pot. (A three-legged iron pot or any ceramic pot will do. These can often be found in antique shops, at car boot sales or garden centres, as well as in New Age shops. It need not be very large.)

* Fill the cauldron with water and float blue candles on the surface.

* Light a large blue candle to the West of the cauldron; light the candles in the cauldron from this candle, using a taper.

* Surround the cauldron with symbols of the sea, shells and white stones. Prepare a bowl of moonstones, small blue lace agate stones or blue glass nuggets to cast in the water.

* Set a tall jar holding wax tapers at each compass point.

If you are working alone, you may need to keep the size of the circle and cauldron quite small, but you can use as much space as you wish. If you are working in a group, four people can light the candles in the four quarters and the scale of the whole ritual can be much larger.

The group can sit or stand in a circle around the cauldron, just inside the four direction candles; traditionally, a magical area extends to a circle about nine feet (three metres) in diameter. However, this can be larger or smaller, according to the size of the group. Circles are usually measured in an odd, rather than even, number of feet, but unless you are casting the most ceremonial of circles, you can estimate the space you will need to work or dance and cast your circle accordingly. (Deities in the cosmos with measuring tapes are remarkably rare.)

* Using a taper lit from the candle you placed to the West of the cauldron, light the candle in the West of the circle. If working in a group, this should be done by the person standing by the West candle. As you light the candle of the West say:

I call upon the guardians of the mighty oceans, the inland seas, the straits and the channels between land to protect my/our undertakings and to create this circle of light.

May the circle be unbroken to keep all within from harm.

* Re-light the taper if necessary from the West candle. Carry the taper of light to the candle in the North, creating an arc of light. Light the candle in the North. (If working in a group, the taper is given to the person sitting nearest the North candle, who comes forward as the first person returns to sit in the circle.) As the candle in the North is lit, say:

I call upon the guardians of the rushing rivers, the watercourses and the canals to protect my/our undertakings and to create this circle of light.

May the circle be unbroken to keep all within from harm.

* Re-light the taper if necessary and carry it in an unbroken arc to the East (pass it to the next person, if working in a group) and light the East candle, saying:

I call upon the guardians of the lakes, the still pools, ponds and marshes to protect my/our undertakings and to create this circle of light.

May the circle be unbroken to keep all within from harm.

* Re-light the taper once again and in the same way make an arc of light to the South, and light the final candle, saying:

I call upon the guardians of the water that flows through or near our homes, the sacred wells and streams, the ditches and the watercourses to protect my/our undertakings and to create this circle of light.

May the circle be unbroken that I now make complete.

* Carry the final taper to complete the circle in the West and join it to the burning West candle, saying:

Fire to fire, water to water, so does power increase.

* Take a crystal from the dish and cast it into the cauldron, saying:

So ripples the power to cleanse, to heal and to restore life to the waters of the planet, from whence it has departed.

* Say a few words of healing, perhaps naming special waters you know and care about, and areas where there is no clean drinking water. If working in a group, each person can take it in turns to cast a crystal and add a few words of their own.

* Blow out the four elemental candles in the reverse order in which they were lit, saying:

May the circle be uncast but remain unbroken.

The floating blue candle and the one next to the cauldron can be left to burn down.

Afterwards, have a simple meal and drink. If you are working in a group, this may be a good time to plan a campaign for furthering your efforts for clean waters in the daily world.

6 - Herbs In Magick

There is a long tradition of using herbs for healing, but they have many other uses. As well as healing rituals, you can place dishes of charged herbs near a bedside in a sickroom or on your healing altar next to a symbol, photograph or the name of the person to be healed. However, they are also excellent for emotional support and spiritual empowerment. For example, if you get stressed on a regular car journey through heavy traffic or on motorways, you may well benefit from a healing or protective herbal sachet in the glove compartment of your car. In fact, herbs may be used to add their strength to almost any kind of ritual and spell.

As they have such a wide variety of uses in magick, you will probably need quite a large supply. Fortunately, herbs are, for the most part, very easy to grow - and very ornamental. If you have a garden you can set aside a small area specifically for cultivating herbs. Alternatively, you can create an indoor garden of herbs grown in pots, so that you have a ready supply of growing energy. Once picked, all your herbs can be used either fresh, for example on your altar, or dried, in healing sachets and poppets.

Each herb has its own natural properties and strengths and they also have the benefit of offering dual purposes. If, for example, you use allspice for a person with digestive or throat troubles, as a bonus both you and the person you heal may experience a gradual upturn in fortune, one of its magical meanings. Though most of the traditional uses of herbs apply to physical and emotional ills and so are most commonly applied to people - and animals, of course - you can also use them for spells concerning places; for example, herbs for soothing wounds, such as lavender, are equally potent in rituals for healing the Earth or reversing the effects of pollution.

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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