The Sacral Chakra Connection

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The second chakra lies within the womb and genitals, and as expected, it governs sexuality and desire. It is the chakra of Water, and therefore is deeply connected to the Moon (especially in women); as Water, its essence is fluid and changeable. In the first chakra we are only aware of ourselves; in the second, we become aware of our connection to others and our need to be connected. The Sacral chakra is the home of most of our emotions, as emotion is primarily born out of our interaction with others.

The Sacral chakra governs pleasure, and as such is easy to knock out of balance in today's world. People often live "stuck" in the second chakra, seeking sexual gratification and pleasure through food, alcohol, drugs, and risky behavior of all kinds.

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The Chakra Checklist

The Chakra Checklist

The chakras are described as being aligned in an ascending column from the base of the back to the top of the head. New Age practices frequently associate each chakra with a particular color.

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