The Heart Chakra Love

This is the center point of the whole system, the "heart of the matter." The Heart chakra naturally governs love, but not the codependent romantic "love" we are taught to want by popular music and media; the Heart chakra is the center of Divine love, and of compassion. Sacral-chakra love is the love of a person for a person or a thing; Heart-chakra love needs no object. It emanates from our Divine essence, without question, condition, or limit.

The Heart is the chakra of wholeness and acceptance; it balances the self-centeredness of the lower three chakras with the lofty spirituality of the upper three, and integrates all the various aspects of our being. The Heart chakra shows us our inherent connection to all that lives, and removes the boundaries between us and the rest of creation. It is the sense of being deeply spiritually connected. The Heart chakra is also the center of healing, as it receives healing energy and lets it flow to where it is most needed by the body, heart, or spirit.

Miracle Healing Properties Of Transfer Factor

Miracle Healing Properties Of Transfer Factor

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