The Goddess

Hail to the Lady of the Moon

Goddess of the standing stones

Your children have gathered, and we call You

Lady of a thousand voices

Ever waxing, ever waning,

Come if You will to our Circle

Hail and welcome.

Keep in mind that, though releasing the Circle must involve the same steps and attention as casting it, the release usually does not take as much time or effort. When we invoke the Elements, for example, we are calling them to come to a specific place and time; when we bid them farewell, we do not tell them where they go afterward, only that we are grateful for their assistance. The energies that made up the Circle can find their way back to the Elements without our having to direct them. Therefore there is not as much energy work involved in the end of the ritual; the farewells are a matter of respect as well as closure, telling both the Elements and ourselves that the proceedings are coming to an end. The important thing to remember at the close of a ritual is to ground yourself, especially after a ritual involving magic or other intense work.

Become A More Spiritual Person Today

Become A More Spiritual Person Today

Before the Lord God created man on the earth He firstly prepared for him by making a creation of valuable and pleasant things for his nourishment and joy. In Genesis the account of the creation of these are named plainly

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