The Effects of Shamanic Healing

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The person who undergoes a shamanic or any other type of energy healing may find that little in her life changes, and she may find just the opposite. For most people a healing of this sort can open up blocked emotional and spiritual channels, leaving them better able to work with energy and better able to use their psychic skills. For some, mucking about in the energy field can reopen old wounds or force the patient to confront baggage long forgotten (or deliberately shoved aside). Generally, however, if such healing is a regular practice those issues will be gently cleansed away over time.

A shamanic healing is something like an energy tune-up for your spiritual "engine." It is not in any way a substitute for prescription drugs or other doctor-indicated therapies; energy healing is not a replacement for other medical care, but a complement to it. These techniques can help make Western medicine more effective and less taxing on the patient, and are an important part of healing the whole person rather than just a disease.

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Spiritual Healing Handbook

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