Recommended Reading and Web Resources

The Triumph of the Moon by Ronald Hutton The White Goddess by Robert Graves Aradia by Charles Godfrey Leland

The Alphabet Versus the Goddess by Leonard Shlain

The Myth of Matriarchal Prehistory by Cynthia Eller (Janet Farrar's site)

A Timeline of Wiccan History

1700s -

Increased popularity of secret societies, such as Freemasonry

1800s -

Romantic movement in Europe

1862 -

Jules Michelet, La Sorciere

1875 -

Birth of Aleister Crowley

1884 -

Birth of Gerald Gardner

1888 -

Formation of the Golden Dawn

1890 -

William Butler Yeats Initiated into the Golden Dawn

1898 -

Aleister Crowley Initiated into the Golden Dawn

1899 -

Charles Godfrey Leland, Aradia: Gospel of the Witches

1901 -

Sir Arthur Evans begins excavating the Island of Crete

1921 -

Margaret Murray, The Witch Cult in Western Europe

1929 -

Aleister Crowley, Magick in Theory and Practice

1 939 -

Gardner initiated into a coven in England

1951 -

Witchcraft and Vagrancy Act of 1736 repealed (England)

1953 -

Doreen Valiente initiated into Gardner's coven

1954 -

Gerald Gardner, Witchcraft Today

1960s -

Robert Cochrane publishes articles on his version of Wicca

1962 -

Alex Sanders meets the Crowthers

1963 -

Raymond Buckland introduces Wicca to America

1964 -

Alex Sanders meets Maxine, and they start their own coven

1964 -

Gardner dies

1964 -

Valiente initiated into Cochrane's coven

1966 -

Cochrane commits suicide

1968 -

Church of All Worlds incorporates (first Wiccan church in America)

1968 -

WITCH formed in America, disbands in less than a year

1969 -

Stewart Farrar meets Sanders and writes What Witches Do on his behalf

1970 -

Stewart Farrar meets Janet, and they form their own coven, calling it


1972 -

Z. Budapest forms Susan B. Anthony Coven #1

1973 -

Buckland forms the Seax-Wicca tradition

1973 -

Doreen Valiente, An ABC of Witchcraft

1974 -

Raymond Buckland, The Tree: The Complete Book of Saxon Witchcraft

1974 -

Adoption of the Principles of W iccan Belief

1974 -

Circle Sanctuary founded

1974 -

Marija Gimbutas, Goddesses and Gods of Old Europe

1975 -

Covenant of the Goddess form ed

1975 -

Z. Budapest, The Holy Book of Women's Mysteries

1976 -

Merlin Stone, When God Was a Woman

1979 -

Starhawk, The Spiral Dance

1979 -

Margot Adler, Drawing Down the Moon

1979 -

James Lovelock formulates the Gaia Hypothesis

1981 -

Scott Cunningham initiated into the "Ancient Pictish Gaelic Way"

1982 -

Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon

Blessedways Textbook, Version 1.0 A History of Wicca | 13

Blessedways Textbook, Version 1.0 A History of Wicca | 13

1988 - Scott Cunningham, Wicca: A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner

1993 - Cunningham dies

1998 - Silver RavenWolf, Teen Witch

1999 - Valiente dies

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