Introduction to Wiccan Theology and Philosophy

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Wicca is unique among modern religions in that it has a common structure--the rituals and essential concepts that are used throughout most traditions--but it is left to each individual (or group of practitioners) to choose how those concepts are best expressed in his/her own practice. Phyllis Curott calls Wicca "the jazz of religion;" it has many of the same melodies as other faiths, and its goal is the same (creating harmony with Deity), but there is room for improvisation, evolution, and diversity.

Some Wiccans, the "extreme eclectics," play fast and loose with traditional ideas, claiming that whatever works for the individual is appropriate, and that Wiccans "steal from the best." However, much like music, before you can compose you must first learn how to play. There are several ideas and practices common to most Wiccan practitioners that form the basis of our religion--once you have explored these ideas you can begin to make them your own, and write a symphony of the sacred that brings you into communion with the Divine.

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