Ntro du ction to Water

by Amber Laine Fisher

I am your heart )

I am the ebb and the flow of love )

I am dragonflies skimming a still garden pond I am the crashing surf I am slow and unceasing change I am the track of the Moon across a lake I am the salt of tears and the pain of letting go I am a dolphin leaping in the sun I am the joy of lovers reunited I am cleansing

I am healing )

I am Water.1

The womb of the Mother. The blood that flows thro ugh our veins. The rivers, the seas, the mighty oceans. These are physical representations of the alchemical element of water. Our bodies are largely made up of water, and most of our Earth's surface is covered in water. But it remains a mystery to us, because we cannot live within it. It sustains us, yet should it fill our lungs we would suffocate and die. We are drawn to it, to the undulating waves that sup)port and cleanse us, nurturing our souls not unlike the amniotic fluid of a mother's womb nourished us before we were born. Yet like any of the other elements, just as water sustains and nourishes, so can it destroy. Still, deep waters can erode solid stone—so too can the stillness of the heart erode the soul.

We associate water with the moon, and with the feminine/yin principles of darkness, receptivity, quiet, emotion, and that which is hidden. Water is the elem ent of emotion—it gives us tears of joy, rage, and sorrow. It allows us to feel, to love, to be merciful and kind. The element of water binds us together in a circle of camaraderie and friendship, for there is no one among us who has not been touched by a depth of emotion, who has not been moved to tears at some point in his/her life.

Water is representational of the deep psyche—the "Deep Self' of Feri Witchcraft. It is the deep subconscious, the place where myth and dream are b orn. It is the soul of the imagination, the raw force behind the symbols that allow us to create and) invent. It is the mirror that we can look into to see our true selves. )

Within Wicca, water is associated with the west and the setting sun. It's colors are blue, aqua, and purple. The water elements are called undines, and its Archangel is named Michael. It's sun signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.

To know water, swim in a pool—natural or otherwise. Stand in the rain. Dance in puddles. Allow yourself to be expressive and emotional. Let your intuition guide you. And love like your life depended on it. Because in so many ways, it does.

1 From "Call of the Elements" by Dianne Sylvan, originally published in Philosophy of Wicca.

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