Ntr o du ct ion it o Fire

by Dianne Sylvan

I am Fire. I am your passion

I am the drumbeat that calls your wild spirit I am the flame that curls up your spine ■

I am the scorching heat of August I am the phoenix who dies and is reborn I am the flash of anger in your eyes I am a quiet evening by the hearth I am a gaze across a crowded room I am the sweat of skin on skin I am endless transformation I am desire I am power I am Fire.

Candle flame, hearth, funeral pyre.. .Fire can warm us, ignite our deepest passions, or destroy everything we hold dear. It is the element of transfo rmation, of the phoenix, who falls to ash yet lives again and again. Fire is the element of the true Will—that visceral knowledge of who we are, what we want, and what we must do to attain it. Just wanting something isn't enough for Fire; Fire calls us to need, to consume, and in consuming become someone new.

Fire is power. Fire is anger, and the drive to succeed. It is also the flickering light of Divinity that fuels our spiritual pursuits, from dedication to initiation and all Circles beyond. Without the impetus of Fire, all our plans would come to nothing, for Fire's watchwords are action and passion.

Magic done with the energy of Fire is among the mo st powerful, but also the most dangerous, as it is fueled by volatile emotions and can end up scorching us before it is finished. Fire magic requires the most personal investment to keep working, and can fizzle out quickly if unattended.. .or reduce our lives to smoldering rubble.

Fire is the flash of a blade in a darkened room, a rem inder that with our power comes responsibility. Dance with it, let its welcoming heat inspire you on your quest.. .but never forget that Fire is essentially wild, a force beyond human reckoning, that has a Will of its own.


Archangel: Gabriel

Direction: South

Elemental: Salamander

Sun Signs: Sagittarius, Aries, Leo

Scents: Cinnamon, clove, saffron

Colors: Red, Orange

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