An Elemental Cleansing Meditation

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Use this or a similar method once a week or so, or more often if needed. Alternately, do a chakra balancing meditation. You may also want to use one of the two before doing a ritual or other magical work, to help shift your consciousness to the proper frame of mind for spiritual pursuits.

Find a place where you will be undisturbed. Get into whatever position is comfortable, preferably on your back. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Follow your breath in, and out; don't try to control it, simply watch it, listen to it, be aware of its motion.

Feel the vast curve of the Earth beneath you. Feel the ground pressing into your back; if you are not lying down, imagine that you are. You can feel the soil, the bedrock, the ageless stone far below.and, as you breathe, you feel all the worry and negative thoughts, all the concerns and distractions, moving out of your body and into the soil.

You are becoming a part of the soil. not sinking, not rising, simply part of the Earth. grass grows through you, the distant footsteps of deer vibrate gently through you. you are Earth, and the Earth carries away the past. leaving only strength, and certainty.


Now, follow the circle of your breath as it flows in, then out. in, then out. round and round again, in its endless motion, into your body and out into the atmosphere.

the Sun falls on your skin, warming you, and its warmth is absorbed, slowly, sinking warms your skin, your blood, your seeks out worry, pain, and stress, and burns them gently away like the morning dew.the heat of the Sun, the celestial Fire, burns away everything that can hurt you, leaving only warmth and comfort in its wake.breathe in, and out, letting the Sun move through you.


A cloud passes over the Sun, and its light and heat fade.coolness surrounds you, and a drop of Water falls on your face..and another. and another. soon it is raining, a cool and soft rain, the rain of evening, of rest. The Water hits you in its steady rhythm, and you feel it washing over you, head to foot, washing away negative energy. It washes away washes away washes away runs over you, through you, around you.

The shower gradually slows, fewer and fewer drops falling.until at last it stops, and you are once again in your body, but now cleansed and renewed. Feel your skin, your muscles moving past each other as you wiggle your toes. feel your breath, still in its perfect rhythm. feel the room around you.and open your eyes.

Imagine that as you breathe in, you are breathing in the wind itself, the Element of Air in its purest, cleanest form. Breahte in, feeling it blow through you, catching the stress of the day like a tumble of autumn leaves. Breahte out, and that stress flies away, scattering on the wind. Breathe in, letting the wind blow through you.breathe out, letting it fly away.


Now call to mind the image of the Sun, if it is not overhead at the moment. See the Sun in your mind's eye, full and round and shining. The heat of

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