Other Satanist Groups

The Black Flame is bought by many satamsts outside the Church of Satan and knits small groups and individuals into a loose network of satamsts. There are said to be differences of oudook and practice among these groups, but most of those referred to in the literature follow the general line established by LaVey. The differences emphasised by the Temple of Set that allegedly set them off from all other groups are organizational and theoretical; their practice of magic appears to be similar to those of other satamsts.

Gordon Melton lists six satamst groups in the USA of which four were allegedly defunct; Harvey lists two in Britain: The Order of the Nine Angles and Dark Lily. Many more editors of satamst magazines were listed in The Black Flame and mention was made of small groups establishing themselves in various parts of the world, including Australia and New Zealand. In Norway, anon attacks on churches have been attributed to satamsts; certainly one of three persons convicted for burning down an ancient stave-church in Bergen proclaimed himself a satamst at the time but the authors of subsequent attacks were less reliably identified. In Sweden there have been incidents of churches and graveyards being vandalized but by whom is not clear. It is noticeable that satamsm appears to be limited to Christian parts of the world. If there are followers of LaVey or Aquino in India or Japan they do not communicate with other satamsts via The Black Flame.

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