Love Spells

Love Spells

Get All The Support And Guidance You Need To Be A Success At Your Love Life. This Book Is One Of The Most Valuable Resources In The World When It Comes To A Look At The Voodoo Of Love.

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Magic Love Spells For Everyone

This eBook teaches Anyone, even if they are not Wiccan or a witch of any kind how to cast powerful and innocent love spells. Hiring a witch or wizard does not work as well as learning to cast the spell yourself, because the spell is over 100 time more powerful if the person casting is the one who desires the outcome of the spell. This book contains spells that can stir new love, attract a new person, help a relationship, heal a broken heart, return a lost lover, and add sexual magick. When you order this book, you are also entitled to a FREE eBook, the Getting Back Together Consultation System and the Elements of a Successful Relationship eBook. This set of eBooks contains everything that you need to cast powerful spells to take control of your love life into your own hands. You have access to hundreds of spells in this one book.

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As a whole, this book contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

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Popular false moral You should never cast a love spell on a particular person because that is robbing their free will

The real threat in casting love spells on a particular person is that you may achieve your goal. When it comes to love, we usually only think we know what we want. More often, it is our whim rather than our will. The result of a successful spell here is missing the lady of your will because you were busy with the lady of your whim. Love is a curious thing. So much so, that when it comes to magickal ethics, more has probably been written about love spells than spells with any other focus. This is very surprising in a society where it is said that all is fair in love and war. Again, we see the double standard. Is all fair in love and war except when using magick How about electricity All is fair in love and war except when using electricity What about using fire and gravity

The Deianeira Tradition

AS WITH PLUTARCH'S GENERALIZATION, A LOVE potion administered to an existing partner turns him mad, here via sleeplessness. Love spells did indeed often seek to work by torturing their victims with sleeplessness see 200, 207, 209, 211. Further passages of interest on the daughters of Deianeira theme include Polyaenus Stategemata 8.38, Plutarch Moralia 256c, and Quintilian Institutio 9.2.105.

I Simple Wiccan Rites

It can't be stated too often - harming none means harming none, in any way, including yourself. ('Harming' should be thought of as interference with or the manipulation of the lives of others, and includes hexing, cursing and person-specific love spells.) Once this tenet has been accepted, and it should be by all who profess to be Wiccans, the imaginary dangers of Solitary Wiccan magic vanish.

The Pentacle of Protection

Now you have all the instruments except one that you will need for the greater forms of divination. That last implement is the pentacle, which it is advisable to wear during any ritual involving conjuration, bar none, whether it be a sending or a divination. Should the power raised by the formulae short and rebound upon you as the operator, or in any way go awry, the pentacle of protection will be your only means of earthing the force if it is one which has been raised via the deep mind of the operator himself and, as such, is not subject to the restricting power of the boundary circle, which limits the activities of any alien or invading entities. Cautious practitioners don the pentacle for all magical operations, even rudimentary ones of casting the runes or a simple love spell. For instructions regarding the making of your pentacle, see Chapter 5 which deals with the important matter of countermagic and protection.

The Magickal History of Hemp

Also known by the folk names gallowgrass, ganja, and neckweed, the hemp is an intoxicating plant with a long magickal history. Being a common ingredient in many love spells from centuries gone by, it was also added to love potions to inspire the affections of others. Additionally, it was believed to facilitate the psychic powers, and for this reason it was often dried and burned by diviners as incense (along with mugwort) prior to, and during, the scrying of magick mirrors.

Ill Fortune Ill-wisher

Margaret Jones Puritan Witch

Huebner's books are Power Through Witchcraft (1969) Never Strike a Happy Medium (1971). Her record is Moon Magic A Witch's Guide to Spells, Charms and Enchantments (1972) Magical Creatures The Charming and Mystical Powers of Brownies, Elves, Fairies, Gnomes, Pixies, Sprites and Demons (1972) Superstitions A Witchy Collection of Beliefs About Love, Money, Weather and Much More (1972) Love Spells from A to Z Witchy Spells for Brewing Up Romance (1972) Magical Candles, Enchanted Plants ad Powerful Gems Their Meanings and Uses in the Wild World of Witchcraft (1972) Your Lucky Numbers A Witch's Secrets to Your Personality, Feelings and Relationships Through Numerology (1972) Magic Sleep A Witch's Interpretation of Your Dreams (1972) In the Palm of Your Hand Your Personality and Future in a Witchy Guide to Palmistry (1972) Your Future It's in the Cards A Witch's Bewitching Scheme Using Standard Playing Cards (1972) Seduction Through Witchcraft.

Herbal Poppets And Sachets

Herbal Magic Spells

Poppets, which are used mainly in love or healing or occasionally in protective magick, are generally kept in a safe place, such as a drawer, rather than carried around. So, for a love spell, two poppets would be tied together and placed in a drawer in a bedroom or left out on the window ledge in the moonlight, especially around the time of the full moon. For fertility, a miniature poppet might be placed in a tiny woven cradle on the window ledge from the new to the full moon. It would then be wrapped in silk until the end of the moon cycle and kept in an enclosed space, for example, a large painted egg made of pottery or wood. The would-be father would make the cradle and the mother would sew and fill the doll. Some practitioners attach hair from the person to be healed or the object of the love spell to the poppet, but I consider that this is an intrusion of privacy. Instead, I would suggest that if you wish to add extra power, you make your featureless dolls in an appropriate...

The Loving

As the title of this section indicates, one of the main witch implements you will be employing in the traditional, romantic approach will be the chalice, so far only used in consecrations. The Athame is never used in this branch of witchcraft, being an instrument of defence or aggression. Many of the lesser love spells make use of philters and potions for the raising and transmission of magical power it is the chalice that contains them at their compounding which provides the focus for the invoked force. Should you or a friend wish to cast a love spell to gain the attentions of another person, it will be well to remember the general witch principle of the transmission of power, which brings me to another big rule of practical witchcraft. A magical operation will always enjoy a greater chance of success if you complete the circuit. Extremely powerful witches can indeed work without the aid of object links or power objects with the person or entity they are attempting to influence they...


Artemis is the twin sister of Apollo, the young Greek Sun God, and is goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the Moon and nature. Although a virgin goddess, she also presides over childbirth. Because of her connection with the hunt, she is altogether a more active goddess than Aphrodite if you are seeking love or, perhaps, trying to encourage a reluctant lover of either sex or win love under difficult circumstances. She is perfect for outdoor love spells and for casting your love net wide to attract an as yet unknown lover.

The Old Laws

M And strictly keep to the Old Law, never accept money for the use of the art. It is Christian priests and sorcerers who accept money for the use of their Arts, and they sell Dwale and evil love spells and pardons to let men scape from their sins. 75 Be not as these. Be not as these. If you accept not money, you will be free of temptation to use the Art for evil causes.

Gypsy Love Magick

If a man wishes to make a certain woman fall in love with him, an old Gypsy love spell instructs that he should secretly obtain one of her shoes, fill it with rue leaves, and then hang it over the bed in which he sleeps. Gypsies are well aware of the intense powers that their love spells hold. Many who wish to keep themselves immune from such amatory bewitchments or counteract the magick of any unwelcome love enchantment used upon them have been known to wear over their heart a small putsi made of white silk and filled with seven leaves from the angelica plant.

The Periwinkle Spell

Most of the simple though traditional love spells that clutter up the workbooks of older witches tend to be rural charms mostly unsuitable for the modern urban witch who lives in an apartment in New York City, or a semidetached in Croydon, England. Some of them, however, preserve the real flavour of old-time witchery, and as such deserve mention in passing.


The hours of the day are also influenced by the planets. To choose the best time for a spell, you should consult first pages 227-32 on the planetary days and then page 235 where I explain the planetary hours. For example, if you were carrying out a love spell in which you wanted rapid results, perhaps for a special meeting, you could work on a Friday, Venus's day, on both her hours - sunrise and the third hour after sunset. If you wanted courage in love, you would use a Mars hour on a Friday. If you needed to communicate your feelings, but found it difficult, you could add the energies of a Mercury hour to a Friday love spell. If you wanted a banishing spell for shedding excess weight, you could use the last days of the waning moon cycle when it is in the sky during the morning before it sets. The banishing lunar energies should take away the compulsion to binge that is keeping you from a healthy lifestyle and if you use them at the hour of Venus, this would increase your inner beauty...


Friday, the day of Venus, is associated with love and all forms of love magick, especially to attract love. Because Venus rules harmony and peace, however, if the success of a love spell depends on ruining another person's happiness and security, it tends not to work without repercussions on the spell-caster.

Untying A Knot Spell

Magnus Sorcerer

Knots The tying and untying of knots is used to bind and release energy in many folk magic sPELLs and formulas. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks tied knots in cords for love spells. The knot of Isis, a red jasper AMuLET wound in the shroud of royal Egyptian mummies, summoned the protection of Isis and her son Horus for the dead in the next world. The ancient Romans believed knots could cause impotency, especially if three cords or ropes of different colors were tied in three knots while a couple recited wedding vows. According to Pliny, such marital woes could be prevented by rubbing wolf fat on the threshold of the wedding chamber (see AIGuiLLETTE). Other old beliefs about knots hold that the tying of them

Symbols Of Magick

You may include a thimble to symbolise domestic affairs, a tiny padlock for security at home, a wooden toy boat for travel, a silver locket for fidelity, a key charm for a house, tiny painted wooden eggs for fertility in any venture - just to suggest a few. You can also use small fabric dolls to represent people, for example in a love spell.


The mandrake (Mandragora officinarum) is perhaps the most magickal of all plants associated with spell casters of old. This highly toxic plant is potent in all forms of enchantment, from the most tender of love spells to the most evil of curses. It has also been used, among other purposes, to divine the future, gain arcane knowledge, awaken or increase a person's clairvoyant powers, attract good luck, lead its master or mistress to the location of buried or hidden treasure, attract money, promote fertility in barren women, and work (reputedly) as a powerful aphrodisiac.