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This Master Karma ebook gives you a way to understand your life in terms of Eastern Philosophy and change your life in small be impactful ways. You will learn how seemingly tiny actions you can take throughout the day can actually make your life much better, and you will learn what you have to avoid in order to prevent bad karma from completely messing up your life. Dr. Steve G. Jones is a clinical hypnotherapist, and this book combines the science of hypnotherapy with the philosophy of karma to create an unstoppable healing force that helps you get out of the dumps and change your life. Karma is a natural force; it is as unchangeable as gravity. But that does not mean that you can't harness the power of karma to change your life; this book teaches you how to do just that. Continue reading...

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All of the information that the author discovered has been compiled into a downloadable book so that purchasers of Master Karma can begin putting the methods it teaches to use as soon as possible.

As a whole, this manual contains everything you need to know about this subject. I would recommend it as a guide for beginners as well as experts and everyone in between.

Lughnassadh The Festival Of The Corn Harvest

Focus Willing sacrifice for the greater good, natural justice and karma, trusting the cosmos to provide by giving without seeking immediate return also spiritual transformation, renewal of the life force by absorbing the powers of the spirit of the corn through food and drink.

God Of The Month The

For this reason Goddess and God are sometimes thought of as Mother Nature and Father Time. It is as Lord of Time that the God is considered Lord of the Dance of Life -Time, the sequencing of events, is what allows the Dance. It is through Time that energy can be slowed enough to become matter. The nature of Time is illusory, being more a matter of perception than reality, but through it events are structured and take on ordered meaning allowing change and growth to occur. In the Vangelo delle Streghe the Wheel of Fortune (Fate and Karma) is discribed as the Goddess' spinning wheel -the Goddess spinning the thread, but the God turning the Wheel. This is because the Universe proceeds from the Spirit, but is carried forward by Time. In mythology the God is sometimes portrayed as a single figure Who grows from the Young God to the Old God, spending Summer as the Young God with the Mother Goddess in the land of the Living, and Winter as the Old God with...

God Of The Month The Lover

The principle myth of the Lover is the story of His death and rebirth for the Sun begins to diminish as soon as the Summer Solstice is past. For this reason He is also sometimes called the Dying God. ATTIS -Attis is the consort of the Mother Goddess Cybele, Whose worship originated in Asia Minor (modern Turkey) and later became popular throughout the Roman empire. According to a central myth, Cybele was the first Being to come into existence Primordial Deity. Both male and female, Cybele contained within Herself the origins of all things. But Cybele was lonely, and desired a companion -and so She cut off Her masculine genitals and used them to create Attis -Lord of the physical world. Thus Primordial Deity divided Herself between Female (Spirit) and Male (Matter), just as in the Vangello delle Streghe. The physical world took form, and Cybele and Attis lived happily in it. But in time Attis came to die, gored by a wild boar, and went into the land of Death to become the consort of...

Starhawk and Margot Adler

At the same time, Pagans were beginning to accept the Murray thesis was part of a sacred history but not an empiric one it was a foundational myth, vital to the growth of new tradition but not necessarily historical fact. Valiente, in her book Phoenix from the Flame, began calling Wicca a rebirth rather than a survival. Scholastically viable works of history on Wicca and NeoPaganism in general have only recently found their way to print.

Lesson Four Getting Started

In its most general sense, initiation denotes a body of rites and oral teachings arranged to bring about a very definite change in both the religious and the social status of the person undergoing the ritual. There is a catharsis a spiritual cleansing. The person becomes, in effect, another person. The central theme of an initiation (any initiation, whether it be Witchcraft, primitive tribal or even Christian, in form) is what is termed a Palingenesis a rebirth. You are ending life as you have known it to this point and are being born again and reborn with new knowledge.

Prehistoric Witchcraft

Early man used sympathetic, or attracting, magick - in the form of dances, chants and cave paintings of animals - to attract the herds of animals that provided for the needs of the group, and to bring fertility to humans and animals alike. Hunters would re-enact the successful outcome of a hunt and would carry these energies into the everyday world. Offerings were made to the Mistress of the Herds and later to the Horned God, who was depicted wearing horns or antlers to display his sovereignty over the herds. Animal bones would be buried so that they, like humankind, would enjoy rebirth from the Earth Mother's womb.

The Myth Of The Goddess

Again you can say it is simply Siva, the god of Death and Resurrection but here again the story is different. It is quite possible that the stories of Istar and Siva have influenced the myth, but I think that its origin is most likely Celtic. In Celtic legends the Lords of the Underworld did prepare you for rebirth, and many living people are said to have entered their regions, formed alliances with them and returned safely, but it needed great courage only a hero or a demigod dared to risk it. Celtic mysteries assuredly contained rituals of death and resurrection, and possibly visits to the underworld with a safe return. I think St. Patrick's Purgatory in Lough Derg was a Christianised version of this legend.

The Descent Of The Goddess

The Descent of the Goddess speaks of the descent from the land of the Living into the land of the Dead, and the return to life through rebirth. This of course refers to both the yearly cycle of seasonal renewal, through which the Earth is annually reborn, but also to the process of reincarnation through which we are all eternally reborn. But this ancient myth also has another level, for it speaks of the descent of Spirit into Matter, and its' return to Divine Union through spiritual evolution and growth.

Pathway Key Temperance

Situated on the pathway between Netzach and Hod this card represents fruitfulness. The third harmonizing of the pillars of force and form, linking victory with glory. The careful balance achieved between force and form. It is the card of combination, of unity and the quaternary produces the pentagon or five sided figure illustrating organic growth. It is inspiration and the reconciliation of several parts in a great whole. It is the seed of new life entering a stage of total passivity. It is reincarnation or continuity of consciousness after death. A card of the middle way that indicates the need for temperance in all things.The need for calm, collected thought process to replenish ones provisions of that which is lacking. It is the calm after the storm of death and a moment of pause at the start of rebirth, like the first breath taken as the

Daath The Mind the Abyss Knowledge Is It A Sphere or A Pathway

Kabbala Correspondences

The reason I chose Yew as a plant it is the tree of death and rebirth a dual concept which is in itself a paradox. The others reflect on the poisons we must fill our bodies with to walk the path of Daath in this life time. The planet of Pluto for it's links to the Persephone story and the raven for it's dual meaning of wisdom and death. Odin's ravens are a classic example of why I chose this bird for this sphere.

The Wheel Of The Year

YULE Yule is celebrated at the MIDWINTER SOLSTICE and by traditional reckoning it marks the high point of Winter. The word Yule comes from the Germanic Iul and means Wheel. Yule celebrates Winter, and the rebirth of the Sun God. As Yule is the shortest day of the Year it marks the Suns low ebb, and after this the Sun will begin to grow stronger. OSTARA Ostara is celebrated at the SPRING EQUINOX, when day and night are equal. It is considered the high point of the Spring season, when life is bursting forward in all directions. Like Imbolc, Ostara is a Festival of the dawn and of increasing life. Ostara comes from the Germanic word Ost or East, a reference to the dawn and the renewal of life. The rituals of Ostara celebrate renewed life in many forms eggs, a symbol of rebirth, are painted in bright colors and used in sacred rites before being eaten. Baby animals, especially chickens, ducks, and rabbits, are symbolic of the season. The Rabbit, ancient symbol of the Moon, represents the...

The Hierarchies and Functions of Demons

Collin Plancy

Many small deities of ancient Syria and Persia carried this name, which means the lord (from the Hebrew bd'al), but the greatest Baal was an agricultural and fertility deity of Canaan. The son of El, the High God of Canaan, Baal was the lord of life and ruled the death-rebirth cycle. He engaged in a battle with Mot ( death ) and was slain and sent to the underworld. The crops withered, until Baal's sister, Anath, the maiden goddess of love, found his body and gave it a proper burial. The Canaanites worshiped Baal by sacrificing children by burning. As a demon in Christianity, Baal was triple-headed, with a cat's head and a toad's head on either side of his human head. He imparted visibility and wisdom.

Witchcraft In The News

Wjsn Secret

Greeley quotes social theorist Max Weber who wrote at the beginning of the century In the field of its highest development, in the United States, the pursuit of wealth, stripped of its religious and ethical meaning, tends to become associated with purely mundane passions which often actually give it the character of sport. No one knows who will live in this cage in the future, or whether at the end of this tremendous development entirely new prophets will arise, or there will be a great rebirth of old ideas and ideals, or, if neither, mechanized petrification, embellished with a sort of convulsive self-importance, for of the last stage of this cultural development, it might well be truly said Specialists without spirit, sensualists without heart this nullity imagines that it has attained a level of civilization never before achieved.

Mesopagan Witchcraft the Buds

The Rebirth of Witchcraft, by Doreen Valiente. Her history of how she, Gardner, and a few friends created Wicca. Among other things, this is the book in which she finally took credit for her poetry and prose which many had been blithely calling traditional (and then plagiarizing).

Lesson Vii Invocation Invocation

You never need to fear Deity in Wicca. Deity does not judge you or persecute you -Deity will only ever wish to help you. Though our actions come back to us through Karma, this is not a Divine judgement so much as a necessary balance -it is there to help all beings grow. Deity may give us difficult lessons in life, but this too is motivated by love, to help us grow -never to punish us. Whatever may afflict you, Deity wishes to help you move past it -for Deity wishes you only growth and happiness, in whatever Personal form you picture Deity.

Chapter What Wiccans Beliebe

Neopagans believe that ethics and morality should be based upon joy, love, self-esteem, mutual respect, the avoidance of actual harm to others and ourselves. Most Neopagans believe in some variant of the principle of karma, and affirm that the results of their actions will always return to them, sooner or later. Many Wiccans go so far as to believe that their karmic return will be three times as strong, for good or ill, as what their actions unleashed.

Wiccan Rituals And Ethics

You can compare this to the concept of karma found in Hinduism and Buddhism, which says that the thoughts and deeds we accumulate in our lifetime may either progress us towards spiritual perfection -if good - or indicate, if bad, that we need to learn lessons in subsequent lives to right our mistakes or attitudes. Other witches say there is an afterlife, spent on another plane of existence. Known as Summerland, Avalon or Valhalla, and akin to Tir na n'Og, the Celtic Otherworld of eternal youth, it is a place where joy and light are experienced.

God Of The Month The Crone

As Goddess of Death the Crone breaks down our old forms to make change and rebirth possible. Since the soul can never be destroyed but can only change its outer shape, death must be understood not as an ending, but as a process of growth and continual regeneration -thus the Crone is not so much the Destroyer as the Transformer, and Her work is a benefit to the soul which would otherwise grow stagnant and be unable to complete it's purposes in the material In this sense the Crone might be compared to science's BLACK HOLE, constantly swallowing up matter in one place only to spit it back out in a new form elsewhere. This aspect of destruction is one reason why the Crone is often regarded with fear. Because we readily perceive the destruction of the old form, but rarely see the emergeance of the new one, we are afraid of change. We do not realize that only through change can growth come. And so for many the Crone Goddess is a fearsome and terrifying Deity. But this shouldnot be so to the...

Lady of the Moon Earth Mother Sister of Power

Worship Me as the Crone, tender of the unbroken cycle of death and rebirth. I am the wheel, the shadow of the Moon. I rule the tides of women and men and give release and renewal to weary souls. Though the darkness of death is My domain, the joy of birth is My gift. Indeed, the rebirth of Goddess worship in general in the last few years has had a dramatic influence western women, who have long been denied access to the feminine aspect of Deity (save in the thinly disguised Mary worship in the Catholic Church), have found their voices and themselves within the Goddess.

Days of Power The See Sabbat

Reincarnation The doctrine of rebirth. The process of repeated incarnations in human form to allow evolution of the sexless, ageless soul. One of the tenets of Wicca. Samhain A Wiccan Sabbat celebrated on October 31st, also known as November Eve, Hallowmass, Halloween, Feast of Souls, Feast of the Dead, Feast of Apples. Samhain marks the symbolic death of the Sun God and His passing into the land of the young, where He awaits rebirth of the Mother Goddess at Yule. This Celtic word is pronounced by Wiccans as SOW-wen (the sow sounds like the first three letters in sour) SEW-wen SAHM-hain SAHM-ain SAV-een and other ways. The first pronunciation seems to be the one preferred by most Wiccans. Yule A Wiccan Sabbat celebrated on or about December 21st, marking the rebirth of the God from the Goddess. A time of joy and celebration during the miseries of winter. Yule occurs at the Winter Solstice.

The Second Degree Initiation

Narrator And he taught her all the Mysteries and gave her the necklace, which is the Circle of Rebirth. Narrator And she taught him the mystery of the sacred cup, which is the cauldron of rebirth. They loved and were one and he taught her all the Magics. For there be three great mysteries in the life of man -- love, death, and resurrection in a new body -- and magic controls them all. To fulfill love you must return at the same time and place as the loved one, and you must meet and know and remember and love them again. But to be reborn you must die and be ready for a new body to die you must be born without love you may not be born -- and these be all the magics. And our Goddess ever inclineth to love and mirth and happiness, and guardeth and cheriseth Her hidden children in life and in death she teacheth the way to have communion, and even in this world She teacheth them the Mystery of the Magic Circle, which is placed between the worlds.

The Wiccan Rede and the Law of Return

The Law of Return, however, is just that. What you do will return to you--for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This idea has been expressed in many religions throughout history, from the Golden Rule to the laws of karma our actions have repercussions, for good or ill.

Yu-huang-shang-ti Father Heaven The August Supreme Emperor Of Jade

Wandering in the caverns of Hell, a lost soul might encounter a smilng monk whose path is illuminated by a shining pearl and whose staff is decorated with metal rings which chime like bells. This is Ti-Tsang Wang, who will do all he can to help the soul escape hell and even to put an end to his eternal round of death and rebirth. Long ago, Ti-Tsang Wang renounced Nirvana so that he could search the dark regions of Hell for souls to save from the kings of the ten hells. Once a priest of Brahma, he converted to Buddhism and himself became a Buddha with special authority over the souls of the dead.

From the Bhagavad Gita

In the calm of self-surrender you can free yourself from the bondage of virtue and vice during this very life. Devote yourself, therefore, to reaching union with Brahman. To unite the heart with Brahman and then to act that is the secret of unattached work. In the calm of self-surrender, the seers renounce the fruits of their actions, and so reach enlightenment. Then they are free from the bondage of rebirth, and pass to that state which is beyond all evil.

Yule The Winter Solstice

Yule is a pre-Christian holiday celebrated on the JT 1 winter solstice, which falls around Decem-ker 21. It is the true new year, both astro- - nomically and spiritually. At this time, we see - the simultaneous death and rebirth of the Sun God, represented in the shortest day and longest night of the year. From this time forward, the sun grows in power and strength.

Deities Of The Moon

Arianrhod is a Welsh goddess of the full moon and also of time, karma and destiny. She ruled over the realm of the Celtic Otherworld, called Caer Feddwidd, the Fort of Carousa. Here a mystical fountain of wine offered eternal health and youth for those who chose to spend their immortality in the Otherworld. She brings inspiration, renewal, health and rejuvenation, and is a focus for all magick, as she is a witch goddess.

Elemental Evolution

The buried treasures remain guarded by the elemental guardians. These treasures are only found when these elementals deliver them by command of the Lords of Karma. These elemental guardians can carry their treasures to other places and place them in a Jinn (enchanted) state. This is how no one can trespass over the will of the Lords of Karma.

Cunningham Scott

Patricia's nonfiction books include Witchcraft in Yorkshire (1973), her autobiography, Witch Blood (1974), The Witches Speak (1976), Lid Off the Cauldron (1981, 1985, 1989, 1992, 1998), The Zodiac Experience (1992, 1995), One Witch's World (1998) and From Stagecraft to Witchcraft The Early Years of a High Priestess (2002). Her novel Witches Were for Hanging (1992) was reprinted in 1999. In addition, she wrote poetry and designed three cards (The Sun, Karma and The World) for The Tarot of the Old Path (1990).

Beltane Lore

According to old Pagan tradition, a bonfire that blazes on a Beltane sabbat must be made from nine different kinds of wood, and three pieces of each kind must be used. The following nine types of wood are ideal for use in a sacred Beltane fire. Their traditional meanings are included Birch symbolizes the Goddess or female principle. Oak symbolizes the Horned God or male principle. Rowan symbolizes life. Willow symbolizes death. Hawthorn symbolizes purification. Hazel symbolizes wisdom. Apple symbolizes love. Vine symbolizes joy. Fir symbolizes immortality and rebirth.

Corey Martha

The cone shape has symbolic significance for Witches. In parts of ancient Syria, the cone was the symbol of Astarte, the Phoenician goddess of motherhood, fertility and war. Tall, conical hats are associated with magicians and folk witches of old. The cone also is associated with the circle, symbol of the Sun, unity, eternity and rebirth, and with the triangle, which has associations with the elements and pyramids, and represents the upwards spiritual aspirations of all things. The triangle also represents the number three, which represents the energy of creation, and is associated with the Triple Goddess.

The Goddess as Focus

In Egyptian mythology, Isis, the sister-wife of Osiris, sought and reassembled his body after his murder and dismemberment by his brother Seth. In this connection, she took on the role of the goddess of rebirth, the Bone Goddess, and restored him in a more evolved form. The annual celebrations of this event coincided with the rising of the dog star, Sirius, which heralded the flooding of the Nile and the restoration of fertility to the land and symbolically to the people.

The Sun Key Pathway

This is the twentieth card in the deck given the key of nineteen. What more fitting after the dark time than the bright and welcome light of the sun's rebirth The final light of dawn on humanity shines at last. Here the Hebrew letter Resh applies meaning front of head and symbolises enlightened conscious thought. With World War Two at an end youth, by the century's middle years, outnumbers age and thus seeks new ideals. New spiritualities and religions rise, man is no longer wanting to be controlled by his spirituality but seeks a freedom from binding chains of strict doctrine and religions. By the 1960's the freedom over spilled into civilisation as a whole and Buddhism, Zen, Astrology and the I-Ching mixed randomly with drugs, which aped the shamans trances of years before. This was the Psychedelic Peak, the

Cleary Bridget

The Rebirth of Witchcraft. London Robert Hale, 1989. Farrar, Janet, and Stewart Farrar. The Witches' Way Principles, Rituals and Beliefs of Modern Witchcraft. Custer, Wash. Phoenix Publishing, 1988. Valiente, Doreen. The Rebirth of Witchcraft. London Robert Hale, 1989.

Creating A Temple

Dissolve and disperse, flow far and free to attract rebirth to - name the town and its inhabitants. I cast this circle of light, of power and of protection. May the circle that is cast always be unbroken. Bless my workings this night or day , O mother and father of rebirth and renewal, unified and yet two, and all that is and has been and shall be, creative spirit of the universe, the cosmos and the smallest * Taking the clay between your hands, begin to mould it, using a marking tool if you wish, to make a tool, such as a wheel, or a figure, a bridge, a loaf, a house or a flower, or any abstract symbol that represents the rebirth of the town through its people. Endow it with your wishes, visualising the place growing and prospering, perhaps reciting

The Sabbat Rituals

Then the High Priestess stands behind the Cauldron in pentacle position, symbolizing the rebirth of the sun. The people, man and woman alternately, stand round the circle. The Magus stands facing the High Priestess with a bundle of torches, or candles, and the book of words of the incantation. One of the officers stands beside him with a lighted candle, so that he may have light to read by.

The Stole

Usually however, Pagans wear the stole not as a modern version of the Roman Toga, but as a modern version of the TORC. The torc was a metal necklace used by the Celtic peoples as a symbol of initiation. the torc represented death and rebirth. The torc looks rather like a horse shoe, and it is believed that the idea of hanging horse shoes in a house to bring good luck may have arisen as a replacement for an earlier practice of hanging a torc. In this sense then the stole represents initiation and rebirth, and the continuation of the ancient past.

Holy Guardian Angels

Down the ages there have been many different ideas regarding these beings and it can be a confusing mine field to work through. However, most ideas fall into one of two categories when we whittle them down. There are those who believe the Holy Guardian Angel, hence forth known as HGA, to be a totally external being. They believe it is an entity totally separate from the person which chooses to watch over someone's spiritual well being. Also in this category are the HGA's again separate in origin who are bound by part life or karma to watch over someone's spirituality. Crowley and others like him however believed the HGA was the Silent Self , representative of one's truest divine nature. Even though the HGA is, in a sense, the higher self', it is often experienced as a separate being, independent from the person relating to it. In systems of magic such as Thelema, the single most important goal is

The Star Key Pathway

The eighteenth card given the key of seventeen. The Star ushers in a new and more learned age of spirituality. Amidst the ruins of mans creations he lie confused and dazed. Man's once proud material god is laid low but the soul is set free from the chains of the material and powers its gentle light upon humanity like the light of hope in this card. In the aftermath of the bloody conflicts of war man seeks once more a sacred path. In a world of bereavement and wrecked lives faith and the occult thrives. The Cottingsly Fairies, The Golden Dawn, man turns to spirituality once more in search of his answers. Magic and mystery offer new hope and mans soul turns once more upward. The five points of the pentagram revert from four points up to four points down and the soul is priority once again. The number seventeen is symbolic of renewal and rebirth and baptism. After the destruction of the Tower came forth a peace, refreshment and the stirrings of a new life.

Crowther Patricia C

Patricia Crowther

To be Fairy on the Moon, and was wheeled around seated on a huge, illuminated crescent moon (the GoDDEss with crescent moon is often symbolic of DIANA) for a birthday present, she was given a gold snake bangle, symbol of wisdom, life and rebirth she performed as Robin Hood in pantomime, and she was the leading lady in a revue which featured a tableau entitled The Legend of the Moon Goddess.


Witchcraft Magazine

Initiation One of the most ancient of rites, initiation marks the psychological crossing of a threshold into new territories, knowledge and abilities. The central themes of initiation are suffering, death and rebirth. The initiate undergoes an ordeal, symbolically dies and is symbolically reborn as a new person, possessing new wisdom. Initiations in Contemporary Witchcraft and Paganism Contemporary Witchcraft is a mystery religion, providing a context for the initiate to Know Thyself. Initiatory rites bear no resemblance to the descriptions offered by those early witch-hunters and demonologists. Rites vary according to tradition but generally keep to the universal theme of suffering-death-rebirth in a new spiritual awakening. The following are not part of initiation into the Craft or Paganism

The Qabalistic Cross

Qabalistic Cross

There are many different ways you can introduce the Tree of Life as a working tool into your spiritual, magical and mundane life. To share them all here with you would be impossible so I'm just going to carry on with the basic works we have done already dealing with what the spheres represent at their core. Tiphareth is a transitional sphere where we pass from one thing to another. Sometimes it is a massive transformation other times it is but a small thing. In the first case it is like a death and rebirth, in the latter it is but a little step over a new threshold. Which ever it may be there is cause to mark this passing in some way, so I thought it might be nice to teach you all a very simple exercise that is a good way to perpare yourself for ritual or meditation. The Qabalistic Cross has a mutlitude of other uses also from clearing away negativity to helping you get a little more grounded. It can also be used as a minor protective rite to keep away negative energies others may...

Wagickat Herb Lore

17th Saint Patrick's Day is observed each year on this day. It is said that Saint Patrick is actually an assimilation of the Pagan Celtic deity Trefuilngid Tre-eochair, whose sacred plant, the shamrock, bore all edible fruits including the apples of immortality. This day marks the rebirth of the Green Man (a deity who embodies the vitality of all plant life). In olden times, an annual festival for the greening of Mother Earth was celebrated on this day in Europe. The Celtic tree month of Ash (Nuin) ends.

Cabot Laurie

Cabot Laurie

In 1955, Cabot founded the Cabot Tradition of the Science of Witchcraft (originally called Witchcraft as a Science), which she described as Celtic and pre-Gardnerian (see GERALD B. Gardner). It teaches practical magic and adheres to the WICCAN REDE ( Do what you will and harm none ) and the Threefold Law of Karma (everything one does returns threefold). Classes and workshops in the science tradition continue one of Cabot's premier students is Christopher Penczak. Cabot also teaches classes in Witchcraft as religion and art.


Damiana Diferant Plant Picture

Since Tiphareth has a dual aspect of death and rebirth its likes to Pagan mythology are many. We may place here sacrificed kings like Dionysus, Balder and Llew. Also sacred children like Jesus, Lugh and Horus. Due to its solar attribution we may place healing gods and sun gods such as Ra and Apollo, as well as illuminators like Krishna and Buddha. This is a truly multi faceted sphere. We could even extend the attributions to King Arthur as he was a sacrificial king. According to legend he behaved in life in a Geburic way with his might for right principles but what he lay down as chivalrous law gave birth to a rich moral code. He also lay down his life as a sacrifice to his land and will come again when the need is greatest or so the legends say. Of men who can be placed in this sphere we must think of the likes of Gandhi who definitely offered new ways of thinking. Dr Martin Luther King was also a new ideal bringer. Of the names I have given all were murdered but theirs was a life...

The Witch Dances

However, the latter chant is used only at Halloween or Yule, as it refers specifically to the coming of winter and the rebirth of the sun at Shamain (Hallaws) or midwinter. The Midwinter Festival of Yule, Christmastide, celebrates the sun's rebirth with all the customary decorations and festivity later borrowed by the Church Fathers, the indoor balefire or yule log, evergreen decorations, holly and ivy tied with scarlet ribbon, and of course the Christmas Tree. Father Christmas and Mother Holly are but two Christianized images of the Lord and Lady the Christ child legend is built upon that of the rebirth of the sun, the light of the world. The traditional Sabbat musical instruments are the harp and lute, worthily replaced by the guitar nowadays the flute, often replaced by the recorder and the drum or tabor, nowadays usually the tambourine. The traditional witches' drum, however, is of interest here. Usually composed of a box or broad hoop of wood, over which is stretched tightly...


Along with reincarnation go thoughts of Karma. Karma is usually thought of as a reward-and-punish-ment system stretching throughout all lifetimes if you do evil in one life you will have to pay for it in the next. However, it seems that there is always talk of karmic debts and karmic punishments but seldom of karmic rewards . The Witchcraft view seems to make more sense.

The Four Quarters

The north is associated with the element of Earth, the new phase of the Moon, the pentacle, secrecy and darkness, the colors gold or black and death and rebirth. Some traditions of the Craft align their altars to the north. In Masonry, the north represents the condition of the spiritually unenlightened.

The Eight Sabbats

The element of water is representative of the psyche, of dreams, of the deep self, the unexplored territory of our true nature. In autumn, we celebrate both the last harvest and the slipping away of nature into a time of darkness, a time of rest. And with physical rest there comes the opportunity to frolic in the world of dream, the world of the subconscious. A strong image that prevails this season is the image of the sleeping babe in the womb. Seeds are at rest now. The earth is at rest, slumbering away in the living waters of the universal womb, awaiting its own rebirth. This is a time for our own contemplation as well. Similar myths utilizing water and the concept of rebirth are the biblical account of Noah and the flood, where Yahweh sends a great flood to wash the earth clean and be made anew, and Cerridwen and her cauldron wherein Gwion tasted the contents of the cauldron, was pursued and eaten by Cerridwen, and reborn into the bard Taliesin.

Pathway Key The Star

Situated on the pathway between Netzach and Yesod this card represents hope. The linking of the force of victory with the balance of foundations. The vision of hope for the future. This card is the emblem of the spirit, the mystical centre and of the call of destiny. It is a symbol of imagination and a link to the powers of the unconscious. It is symbolic of renewal and rebirth and also baptism. After destruction comes peace of mind, refreshment and the stirrings of new life. It is the energy of the psyche which

Everyday Wicca

This concept states that right action is returned with positive energy, and negative action is returned with negativity. It's allied with 'harm none' and is again a quick reminder to act in a positive fashion. Additionally, we can see how good (positive beneficial) actions are in themselves acts of spirituality.

Leo Louis Martello

Pagan Male Magazine

Martello defined a witch as a wise practitioner of the Craft, a Nature worshipper and a person who is in control of his or her life. He was of the opinion that too many people enter the Craft with hang-ups from their Judeo-Christian upbringing, and that there is too much emphasis on personalities in the broad neo-Pagan community. The Sicilian tradition teaches that a wrong must be rectified in this life and not left to karma in a future life. The Witch must not permit injustices. His own philosophy, as


Malkuth Pantacle

In the same way, thought waves create reality. Repeated thought patterns create our daily reality, as well as genetic, cellular character traits in our souls. Samskaras account for what we call Karma, or Heredity, in the context of reincarnation. Samskaras are at the root of the Jiva's (Tiphareth) separating desire from Source, or

The Sabbat

Yule (circa December 21st the exact dates of the Solstices and equinoxes change every year) celebrates the rebirth of the God through the agency of the Goddess. Some might note the date and believe this to be a mockery of Christianity. Actually, that isn't quite the case. So Wiccans celebrate Yule as the date of the rebirth of the God (symbolically seen as the Sun). The Winter Solstice marks the depths of winter. From this night on, the hours of daylight grow longer until midsummer.

To turn back plague

The zealots were wrong about the bubonic plague. It was not started by God in his outrage of what men were doing it was started by karma in its rage against what the Church had done. Countless numbers died because the Church was not willing to open its eyes and observe the simple fact that the only places the plague could be found were those places where the cat population was low and the rat population was high. We should not be surprised that the Church did not notice this correlation because to do so, the Church would have had to recognize that its war on

Malkuth Meditations

And drink the cool sweet mountain water it freshens me with its touch lifting my spirits to new found heights. I want to get in but I have no towel, I want to get in but the waters so cold. I feel the yearning to feel the water surounding me it tugs at my heart strings but sadly I turn away. I'm not a carefree kid anymore who is blind to the dangers I'll catch hypothemia or something if I swim in the water at this time of year. I reluctantly climb back up the rocks and we walk over the bridge and right up to the waterfall. There is a wind here from the force of the water. I stand letting the enormity and power fill me making me feel so small and insignificant in its comparison. I am filled with a profound and deep awe for natures power. The noise of the waterfall is everywhere blocking the inane chatter out. I scramble once more down into the full bowl of the waterfall feeling the spray covering me, soaking me, baptising me once more. This water is so powerful it could crush me, it...


The Goddess took on many aspects with the advance of civilization. She acquired a husband, lover or son who died or was sacrificed in an annual birth-death-rebirth rite of the seasons. She became creator, mother, virgin, destroyer, warrior, huntress, homemaker, wife, artist, queen, jurist, healer, sorcerer. She acquired a thousand faces and a thousand names. She has been associated with both the Sun and Moon, and Earth and sky. The Goddess in contemporary Witchcraft and Paganism is a mystery tradition. The Goddess represents Gaia, the living consciousness of the Earth the Divine Feminine the inner woman. The Goddess validates woman's power her intuition, emotions, will, creativity, sexuality, body, desires and heritage. She is the cycle of life, death and rebirth, and the eternal spark in all of creation. Both men and women can find both the transcendent Goddess as cocreator of the universe and the immanent Goddess force within the highest expression of anima, or the Great Mother...

The Baron

The Law of Karma is always operating, whether one accepts Reincarnation or not. It's cause and effect. Since the Church itself believes in souls, celebrating All Soul's Day, these souls who were unjustly tortured and burned at the stake will haunt the Catholic Church until it's totally destroyed. I truly believe-that the souls of thousands of witches have reincarnated into dissenting Catholic priests. And those burned in Salem have reincarnated into rebel and radical ministers. Not to do evil but to right a wrong. Not so much out of revenge though justified but for justice. As you yourself wrote How can you condemn and condone a thing at the same time How can a witch believe in Reincarnation, in Karma, and then Christianize themselves by talking about forgiveness Are murderers, rapists, muggers or criminals forgiven in our society What about the Nazis who are still being discovered and tried and sentenced in Germany right now And what about the Nuremberg War Crimes...


It is ostensible that this fatal germ arrives to the planet Earth submerged within the electromagnetic currents from the Constellation of Cancer. By all means, cancer is the karma of fornication. It is obvious that ancient wise men knew in depth this very special type of Nemesis.


Persephone is the Greek maiden goddess of transformation, daughter of Demeter and goddess of spring and flowers. She was abducted by Hades, God of the Underworld, and became Queen of the Underworld for the winter months, returning to the Earth as the light-bringer in spring and so representing the cycle of death and rebirth. She is especially powerful in rituals by or for young women, especially those who have suffered loss or abuse, and also for mother-daughter relationships. She is sometimes regarded as a symbol of grain.

Self Dedication

Initiation is a process of death and rebirth - the old self dies, and the new and magickal self is born. A rite of self-dedication marks a serious commitment and dedication to the path, and should not be taken lightly. In a coven you would be looking to be initiated into the First Degree at this stage. Your studies up to this stage will have prepared the ground work for this initiation. Since we are only able to create a virtual coven enviroment here online it is required of each of us to create our own self dedication ritual working with the knowledge we have gained to date. Since this is a Qabala class I am going to ask you to base your ritual around the sphere we are currently working with, that being Tiphareth. I would ask that you go back to the sphere lesson on Tiphareth and look at it fully. Look at the correspondance tables, look for other corespondances in the web pages I have provided links for. Look also for initiation rites for covens. See how group workings are done for...


Through magic we influence or control the things around us, therefore it is wise to use magic only to make these things better. The ancient rule of Wicca is Do As You Will, But Harm None. Magic is a great power, and can be a great responsibility, and you do well to use it wisely. Everything you do comes back to you, through KARMA. Every action you take, in time you will also experience from the receiving end. So that when you do something good for another, you are also doing something good for yourself, as you will eventually experience the same good as a recipient. But if you do harm, that same harm you ultimately do to yourself. This is very important to understand and remember. You should bear it in mind in every aspect of your life, including the magic you practice. To do harm is not only wrong in itself, but ultimately hurts the doer. Moreover most Wiccans believe in the LAW OF THREE, that is to say that what you do comes back to you not only once, but multiple times. Some...

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