Tiphareth The Sixes

Signifies harmony for all the suits. After the modifications of the fives the idea has found it's feet and is a true creation capable of functioning in all respects. A sense of satisfaction is present.

Kabbalah Tiphareth

Six of Swords - Travel. Signifies the first movement after a period of dormancy. Once the trials of the first setback has been overcome the intellect can once again move forward. New perspective can be gained and the mental blockages are cleared away the journey of the mind begins once more.

Six of Cups - Memories. Signifies understanding of emotions. The heart has now experienced emotion. It knows what it feels like to suffer pain and remembers what it is to be happy. Now that it has loved and lost it understands the full emotion.

Six of Wands - Victory. Signifies a return to vigour on the behalf of the enterprise. Having met both good times and bad its growth will now be much more steady. We can now take real pride in our achievements knowing how hard we have had to struggle and what challenges we have overcome to make the enterprise work.

Six of Pentacles - Generosity. Signifies material success. Good fortune should be shared and now that financial matters have improved we are in a better position to understand the need to spread the field in order that bigger and better may come in the future.

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