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This is the twenty second card in the deck given the key of twenty one. As the last card in the pack I think to link this card to history would be impossible and yet this march through time requires a tie up and that lies in the pathway to which this card relates. The 32nd pathway mans next great leap of advancement. When we look at the history of man so far we see constant change and alteration, expansion leading to times of internal seeking. If the Day of Judgment really has come and gone with the launch of the atom bomb on Hiroshima what next for us? Will there be another time of darkness before yet another new day? Are we now in the grips of that darkness as wars rage across the planet and religions, with the one same God, fight and pull at each others hair and threaten to pull the world apart with all their rage and hate? What more must man throw off to find the true and lasting enlightenment which will bring about the ecstasy and utopian world we all now seek? The answer lies before us on 32nd Street. The body, the material, all matter must be cast off to walk the 32nd path. To become one with that from which we came once more. Oh yes the end of the world is neigh but only the world as we indeed know it. Strive now, try harder, learn to walk the silken web of Virtuality, learn to cast of that which you have always called reality and step once more into the immaterial and be once more not just of matter or just of will but be both and more, all and everything. Step from Malkuth into Kether and let the physical world join forces with that of God. Given the number twenty one this card symbolises synthesis and creation. When the search has ended and the goal is reached the self has found true oneness and is indivisible from the whole.

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