The Qabalistic Cross

There are many different ways you can introduce the Tree of Life as a working tool into your spiritual, magical and mundane life. To share them all here with you would be impossible so I'm just going to carry on with the basic works we have done already dealing with what the spheres represent at their core. Tiphareth is a transitional sphere where we pass from one thing to another. Sometimes it is a massive transformation other times it is but a small thing. In the first case it is like a death and rebirth, in the latter it is but a little step over a new threshold. Which ever it may be there is cause to mark this passing in some way, so I thought it might be nice to teach you all a very simple exercise that is a good way to perpare yourself for ritual or meditation. The Qabalistic Cross has a mutlitude of other uses also from clearing away negativity to helping you get a little more grounded. It can also be used as a minor protective rite to keep away negative energies others may send your way. With simple personal adaptation you can find a multitude of uses for it other than the ones I have already mentioned.

To begin I would recomend that you bathe and cleanse your outer body. Once you have this down part you can quite easily do it every morning if you want after your wake up wash. This is a personal choice but I like to do this naked fresh from a bath or shower.

Stand quietly for a moment, breath deeply and rhythmically and still your thoughts. Let your mind go blank, casting off the worries and stresses of the day to come.

Imagine yourself slowly growing larger and larger with each breath you take in. You grow and keep growing like Alice in Wonderland. You become as big as the house you are in filling it all. Hold that size for a little while feel how it is to be so big. Slowly let yourself sink back down to your normal size with every breath you exhale, keep going getting smaller and smaller. Child size, baby size keep going till you can fit in a matchbox, keep going till you are the size of a thumb nail. Hold this size for a little while feel how it is to be so tiny, just a speck of dust in the grand scheme of things. Now slowly return to your regular size. Slowly now I want to you to make yourself lighter, lighter, keep getting lighter become the weight you were when you were tiny and keep going till you are as light as a feather or a speck of dust. Let yourself float upwards towards the ceiling passing through the ceiling on up to the roof. Float on up into the sky look down on your own roof and at all the roofs in your neighborhood. Keep floating on up so the Earth is below you tiny and growing tinier as you continue to float higher and higher. Expand again growing bigger and bigger to fill space. You are bigger than the solar system, the galaxy, all of creation. You stand in total darkness but you are not afraid, or cold or lonely.

Imagine that out of the darkness comes a brilliant beam of light that forms a brilliant swirling sphere of light just above your head. Don't force it just let it slowly form above you shining down upon you lighting up the darkness around you.

Vibrate the word "Atoh" or "Ateh" and gently bring your receptive hand up to touch your forehead. A beam of light comes down from the sphere to your forehead as you touch it.

Picture this beam of light flowing down through your body down to your feet as you point to them and vibrate the word "Malkuth". The light forms another sphere here half above and half below ground level.

Now touch your right shoulder and visualize another sphere of light forming there as you vibrate the words "Ve Geburah".

Draw your hand across your chest and touch your left shoulder and form another sphere of light as you vibrate the words "Ve Gedulah".

You now have a cross of light extending from your head to your feet and from your right shoulder to your left.

Clasp your hands at the intersection of the cross. Vibrate the words "Le Olahm" as a fifth sphere of light forms around your hands. This sphere of light continues to expand untill it fills your entire aura. You are now in a sphere of light that totally surrounds you.

At this stage you can do a number of things depending on what work you wish to do. I have used it to go effect as a shield but also as a means to blast negative things away from me. I will use this as an example here for now.

Picture the sphere of light at your hands becoming brighter and brighter, the good energy becoming stronger and stronger. Now picture the negative energy as a solid object before you. Give it shape and form. When you have both negative and positive fully formed with an exhaled breath open your hands and push the palms away from you sending a beam of intense light straight at the object of negativity. You may wish to say something also at this point, I have a flare for the dramatic and I always like the sound of the words "Be gone". Say them with as much force as you can muster and blast the negative form with that beam of light. Splinter it and blow it apart let the light fill every last bit of it transforming it from negative to positive. Bring your hands palms together once more when your work is done at the intersection of the cross once more.

Stand for a moment once more in your sphere of light and then vibrate the word


Qabalistic Cross

There is another more Paganish version of this, though I don't feel it has been used enough to build up as much power as the original, still it has a nice enough effect and you may feel you relate to it more.

Stand with you feet slightly apart for this one other than that do the same bigger smaller lighter visualisation as before.

This time directing your words to the Lord and Lady, visualise the sphere above your head, touch your forehead and say :

"Thou art,

The Kingdom (point to feet) The Strength (touch right shoulder) The Mercy (touch left shoulder) And the Love (clasp hands in center) Forever (sphere of light expands) So mote it be."

You can also draw a pentagram of light if you like by first touching your forhead then pointing to your left foot, then touching to your right shoulder, then across to touch your left shoulder, then pointing to your right foot and returning to touch your forehead. As I said there are many different things you can adapt this with only your imagination holds the boundaries.

Qabalistic Cross

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