The Moon Key Pathway

This is the nineteenth card in the deck given the key of eighteen. The Star was but a tiny flicker of light in the history of mans darkest times however. Not so much a false hope, but yet a false dawn. Fast on the trail of World War 1 came the start of World War 2 and it is this return to darkness the Moon represents. The darkest hour comes just before the dawn and this time in the mystery of man was defiantly that. Auschwitz and Hiroshima bring blight and tyranny to obscure the flickering light of the soul. The number of cards in the Major Arcana is twenty two which matches with the Hebrew alphabet. The letter attributed to this card is Qoph which means "back of the head". Thus man's unconscious mind implied his darkest and more unreasoning side. Here we watch as the nuclear stockpiles grow and the fate of the earth hangs in a dark cloud of doubt. Mankind grows obsessed with its own end and the very planet seems depressed and laid low. The number eighteen is symbolic of the final stages of the quest and of solitude and vulnerability. The Star offered man hope that an end was in sight but there is still a journey towards the dawn along a badly lit and hard to discern pathway which is The Moon.

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