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Situated on the pathway between Yesod and Malkuth this card represents reward. The final pathway on the central pillar of balance. The foundations becoming manifest in the final goal, the end of this cycle but the very roots of another. It is the card of synthesis and creation. The search is ended and the goal is reached. The self has reached true unity and is indivisible from its separate parts. The contra sexual elements have been reconciled, the psyche no longer holds illusions concerning it's own separateness and is aware that it is conterminous with the entire universe. Poised at the mystical centre the figures move with joy and abandonment, joining ecstatically in the Dance of Life. The ring of life turns full circle and applied effort meets with success in proportion to the effort extended. It is a card offering hope as the goal.

Now at this point I want you to really consider how this final card reflects the journey to the rejoining of the source and yet it is not up there with Kether but down here in the kingdom of earth. It is in this form that we can best see that the beginning and end of the Tree are actually very similar points. Malkuth is in actuality Kether on a lower Tree. It is in this method that we begin to understand the fourth dimension of the Tree that tells us the beginning is the end is the beginning is the end and so on add infanume. Meditate on this for a while and you will understand the fourth dimension well enough.

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