Pathway Key The Wheel of Fortune

Situated on the pathway between Chesed and Netzach this card represents change. The second purely masculine force pathway, it links mercy with victory. The apparent weakness of mercy leads to the strength of victory. This card symbolizes new beginnings and completion of earlier stages. It is traditionally a card of perfection and is represented by a wheel or circle. Here the second half of the quest begins. Having travelled the inner world of dreams and visions as the Hermit the seeker is ready to move forward with new wisdom. It is symbolic of psychic wholeness and inner order and indicates that a major stage has been reached. As the soul casts off its old bonds its sacrifice is rewarded by the rise of its unconscious, as the wheel turns full circle. It brings peace of mind, resolution of guilt and affirmation of the order of the universe.

The hub of the wheel is the mystical centre held still while the radiating paths surrounding it all lead to the self. It indicates change and the cycle of life and shows the need to accept its motion and live in harmony with it.

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