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Situated on the pathway between Tiphareth and Yesod this card represents calamity. The second pathway on the pillar of balance is represents a destruction that leads to new ways forward. It is the first true sight of real manifestation and a link from bliss to a firmer foundation. Sixteen is a solar number designating power and positive action. The raw power of cosmic energy striking down unshielded. The card represents the God of light and reason, the overpowering light of truth in which all falsehood and ultimately all duality is destroyed. A flash of inner illumination which brings freedom of enlightenment. Human consciousness in direct contact with the primary forces of the hidden centre, the goal of the mystic quest of the Tarot. This devastating impact frees the mind from its fetters and opens the way to the centre but if the conscious mind is not prepared, not strongly built on firm foundations, it may end in catastrophe. It is the destruction of an outmoded philosophy which cannot adapt to new conditions. Outdated beliefs, desires and opinions which hold the seeker back from enlightenment.

Now we have reached the final pathways on the Tree and I'm sure that you have by now got used to working out what each of the spheres at the ends of the pathways give to the pathway. I'm sure that by meditating upon the major cards upon their pathways it will be easy for you to understand the pathways of the Tree. Let us continue down the rest of the Tree and complete this section of the souls journey into enlightenment.

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